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  1. trust me, if you tweak this tactic to match your players and are vigilant when playing this tactic can produce miracles... http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/82219617/m/4992008103
  2. hey fuss (and lambs) felt inclined to mention your good work here! i too have a west ham side on the go (the attraction of those two argies did it for me!) played my fist season with my own tactics and a couple of signings guardado and modric, came a lowly 9th, semi's of fa cup and uefa, second season, sold the argies and built a new side, adopted your tactics and came 1st in the league, final of fa and final of uefa (had to go via the intertoto!) lost the finals to the arse and the chelski finished off my squad (or so i thought) in the close season and am quite happy with it, however i fear the re-ranking you mentioned has gazzumpted me, pl 8, w3, d2, l3, f19, a 9. so i began a tweak massive tweak overhaul, didnt work for a couple of games but just beat pompey 4:0, hopefully the turning of the tides. Perhaps the champions league is taking it out of my team!!! here she blows: green/amelia gorluka/neill koncheskey/bale tuia/gabbidon ferdinand/digard wright-phillips/modric guardado/skjelbred fabregas/reo-coker leandro lima/ buonanotte ashton/jo higuain/kerlon
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