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  1. I run the normal standard skin on the game and have updated the club crests, but I'm interested in getting the players, managers and background staff facepacks. Before I look into getting those packs do I need a certain skin to get them to work? Its a minefield out there whenever I've started to have a slight look into it. Thanks
  2. I remember when I played the original "Championship Manager" back in the days of the Amiga. The part which I miss which has never re-appeared is when there is a managerial vacancy at a club, you could go in and see all the managers who had actually applied for it. Could this be brought back in future versions? Thanks
  3. Ive downloaded the club crests megapack and unzipped it to the 'graphics' folder in the C: drive. I've then followed the instructions on the Preferences tab which say "Tick ‘always reload skin on confirm’ and untick ‘skin cache’". The only option under the Cache section is 'use caching to decrease page loading times' and a big box which says clear cache. Still there is no change. Would I need a different skin to show these crests or should it work with the default skin, if so, where am I going wrong?? Thanks
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