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  1. hi guys, i have created a new scottish setup and set both reserves league and U19 leagues to on, but when i play as celtic my reserves team doesnt have a league even though the rest of the spl teams reserves are in the league, the u19 league is fine, any ideas, thanks?
  2. Hi guys i normally make a new scottish set-up every fm but this time im running into a few problems, whenin editor i go to add new competition rules and then create new competition and rules: 1. i have made a new league called scottish premiership and changed the reputation etc.. i changed the nation to scotland and europe etc... and changed the type to domestic top division, but when i try to add this division to my new nation rules it only appears in the league with sub-division and not the single division, why is this? 2. i cant pick teams from my new scottish premiership for my new cup? 3. is there anyway to add a team of the week option? many thanks
  3. hi there, i am playing a game online with 4 of my friends and every hour they all get kicked at the same time and i need to restart the game before they can rejoin, any ideas guys.... thanks
  4. hi guys, i have set several players as Development list/Transfer Target/Unwanted List it has been set for a few weeks now but it still says not started yet for the status of all players,?????????? how long does it take?? cheers
  5. Hi guys, just wondering what the development list is in FM13, tried googling it but cant find any info, cheers guys
  6. im making a new scottish league and i have a few issues before i start a new save using it: *When creating the tranfer window dates do i have to keep doing it for every year or just once and it automatically duplicates for 2012,2013,2014 etc.... *Match proirity is set to low, does this mean no domestic games will be scheduled during international games *I have set league reputation to 140, can this increase or decrease in accordance with team performance in europe etc....... *If my teams do well in champions league do i eventually get more champions league and europa places for my league Many thanks
  7. Club: Leeds Budget: £7m Looking for: Right wing back & Inside Forward With: Wing back needs good stamina Season: 2nd (January) League: Championship Thanks
  8. for me it doesnt really command the possession of the game which i find quite strange
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