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  1. i bet this has happened to most of you... take a lead say 4-0 in the first leg of a cup.. you tell your team not to get complacent in the second leg and what do they do concede 5 in the first half ******* get ur game sorted thank god i didnt pay for it jews.. btw im ****ed this story just relates to my chelmsford team
  2. lol if someones cried over fm they seriously need to take a long hard look at their life
  3. Can anyone kindly please link me to newport counties logo and kit please much appreciated thanks in BSS
  4. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    hey can any one kindly link me to truro's badge and kit please. thank-you
  5. [FM10] Alex Parker's Red and Blue Army

    yayy chelmsford are in the football league lol
  6. [FM10] Alex Parker's Red and Blue Army

    great job mate very well done do you think your squad is strong enough to win the play-offs?
  7. [FM10] A pilgrimage to the promised land

    whaaaat why did you leave for? you done so well with plymouth you were even in the champions league i know you probably wouldn't have been able to match what you did with plymouth in the second season but surely in 5 years or so you would've created a dominant team like you did with nicosia.
  8. southampton

    your some funny guy.. first you think iran is in europe and now you can't read lol
  9. [FM10] Alex Parker's Red and Blue Army

    good going mate i think you should silently be aiming for the 3rd automatic spot lol
  10. [FM10] A pilgrimage to the promised land

    lol hershie thats with every save you do so well than you lose the desire lol
  11. Your win %?

    67% chelmsford city fc.. year 2013 league 1
  12. Luton Town's club rep is high mate that's why. The wage bill is like £40,000 odd if im not mistaken while other teams in the same division have to make do with much less. TBH you can attract some quality players to Luton on frees so promotion shouldn't really be that difficult. You should easily be able to get consecutive promotions to the prem if you sign some decent frees.
  13. [FM10] Manchester United football Club.

    some great achievements there keep it up