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  1. I can Score More Than You

    Starting Clubs you can Pick between 6 Country's Luton - BSP Name: White Widow Position: Striker/AMC DOB all will be 16 Nationality 2nd Nationality: Bahamian City Of Birth: Nassau Height & Weight: 6ft 1in , 83kg Foot no two footers: Left Personality Stats you have 100 points to distribute between Adaptability: 12 Ambition: 20 Loyalty: 5 Pressure: 15 Professional: 15 Sportsmanship: 10 Temperament: 18 Controversy: 5 110 stat points to go on your Attributes everyone will have 20 Determination Finishing: 12 Composure: 12 Off the Ball: 15 Acc: 15 Pace: 17 Strength: 12 Stamina: 14 First Touch: 13 1 PPM: Places Shots 2 Favored Clubs: Real Madrid, Ballinamallard 2 Favored Personal: Steven Gerrard, Sami Hyypia 2 Disliked Clubs: Porto, Manchester United 2 Disliked Personal: David Moyes, Ryan Giggs Glad to see this back, not sure if I missed the last one! White Widow is back!
  2. Nice thread tizzy, looking at giving them a go myself, ademi is top notch and quite like cop for some reason
  3. @london boy - Yeah mate, I hope they develop well and do well in others' saves. @Rober the Spud - I see, well Santos is doing well he scored twice in a few games and is an orange at AML already, he did fall out with me about his position but he helped the team win the league first season and I hope he'll play a big part next year.
  4. Aw thats a shame, how can you tell if they are random so I know for the future?
  5. Joao Paulo Nauticio - 2.6mil, very good potential
  6. Nautico Brazilian Duo - Douglas Santos (DL/WBL) & Joao Paulo (ST) http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/349326-Nautico-Brazilian-Duo-Douglas-Santos-(DL-WBL)-amp-Joao-Paulo-(ST)?p=8602089#post8602089
  7. Two brilliant prospects from a second tier outfit in Brazil, thought they deserved a little thread together Douglas Santos (LB/WBL) Uploaded with ImageShack.us Douglas Santos is simply outstanding for an 18 year old. Although I believe it's clear he's not really going to make it big as a fullback in the game, it is certainly worth a punt training him as a winger or in my case I'm going for Inside Forward. His abilities in that area should be devasting with pace, dribbling, OTB, first touch and the list goes on. This screenshot is of him during my first season with Genk. My loyal scout Paul Montgomery found him and I just bought him for £4.1m over 4 years. In terms of PPM's he currently has none, I am investing some time into the move "Cut inside" to make his ability at AMR truely immense. Joao Paulo (ST) Uploaded with ImageShack.us Before I even go into any form of detail about Joao Paulo, let me tell you right now he has a minimum fee release clause of £2.6million yes that is right folks. Outstanding talent in the making at only 17 he has a big future ahead of him. While already showing great technical ability along with a bonus of solid teamwork and workrate, great natural fitness and good pace he has also just been touted as the next Ronaldo in my game. Currently rocking with no PPM's his mind is a blank canvas and you my friend can be the artist. He looks like an unbelievable talent for advanced forward or poacher, but to be honest with some tutoring and training I am sure he will slot in your attack somewhere with great effect. Keep in mind his birthday is in October so he will probably not join your club until Januray 2014. My report did say he was injury prone, but we'll have to wait and see.
  8. FM 13: RC Genk - Cristal shine

    Started a wee genk game, loved them since signing jelle vossen and de bruyne last year or the year before. Brought in just 2 signings first season, Vicktor Classen and Jonas Svensen (both are spelt wrong I imagine) both play DLP or a similar role for me. Struggled initially with tactics, I'll be honest I can't get the tactics working in FM13 at all, feels like I'm a new player almost. But anyway I'm tweaking things and sitting top after 4 games. Long road ahead, but hope it goes well. Oh I went out of the Europa in the first game.. yet more tactic troubles. Good to see so much potential talent in the club though, exciting stuff.
  9. Wont last long this
  10. SMSL's Plug n Play Championship - FM 2012

    My input http://www.mediafire.com/?7wq73iehnf61a6e Creator Tactic
  11. FM 12: Athletic Club Bilbao- A New Era Begins!

    Really interesting thing just happened in my save.. I was too slow to offer Ekiza a new contract in the second season, so I was kind of gutted when he decided to turn down my offer and accept one from Sevilla. Now I thought this matter was over until a message popped up in the news "Ekiza one game away from a one year extension". He has a clause that says if he plays 20 games in his last season that he automatically signs an extension, should make the next game very interesting. might get to keep him then EDIT: Ah didn't cancel his transfer, ah well not to worry
  12. FM 12: Athletic Club Bilbao- A New Era Begins!

    It is a shame that the basque restrictions really hinder your buying ability, but it does make it quite a unique save. On another note, Iker Munian is playing unbelievably better for me now at Poacher. Had him as a Trequartista, Inside Forward and AP but poacher is working much better. Might be useful if anyone is struggling to get him scoring etc
  13. I Can Score Even More Goals Than You!

    Thanks for a great thread, first challenge I have been involved in, will definitely been in the next one to defend the Widows honour
  14. FM 12: Athletic Club Bilbao- A New Era Begins!

    Hey all, great read so far through the thread hope you all continue the good work. Finished 8th in my first season, a bit dissapointing but I was struggling with tactics and simply conceding far too many goals. Was quite pleasing to be the only team in the league who beat barca though. Messi got 55 goals in 55 apps fotr them that season, he was unreal. Struggling to find suitable players in the second season. Playing 4-3-1-2 against similar and smaller opponenets while playing 4-2-3-1 against the bigger teams. Think I have the tactics right now just need to ensure the players have a better season. Was hugely disspointed with Munian, Llorente and Herrera as they all under achieved in the league, even though Munian got Spanish young player of the year somehow. Players bought throughout both seasons are: Benat (£4m), Azpilicueta (£11m), Ruffier (£12m), Barkero (£1m). Hoping to get top 5 this year, haven't conceded in my friendlies and I am praying that Llorente delivers this year. Going to bleed in Galarreta, Ramalho and Igor Martinez
  15. Marcao's physicals are simply astonishing. Such an increase in those attributes. Definitely need to give tutoring a bit more of an effort with my new Chelsea save, will have some great mentors in there already. I am excited after reading your thread, should be fun. Over the last two FM's I have come to put more effort into the schedules of youngsters, really is crucial in their development.