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    i support doncaster rovers been supporting them since i can remember they have been through alot

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    hockey and football

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    Doncaster Rovers
  1. FM12: Looking For Thread

    Thanks very much
  2. FM12: Looking For Thread

    Club: Bayern Budget: 20m+ Looking for: RB better than my current one which is Rafinha With: Other: Season: Loyalty Bonus: Agent Fee:
  3. Help

    I tried loading a save just now and it came up saying the game cant be loaded Plz can anyone help me solve this Thanks
  4. Crawley town

    Is there a crawley town thread Sorry dont want to look through all these posts Thanks Donny Gemma
  5. FM12: Looking For Thread

    Club: SL Benfica Budget: £10m Looking for: any With: Other: Season:1 Loyalty Bonus:Any Agent Fee:Any
  6. Havent started yet but heard its a very small budget. And dont know who to sign so thats why I posted here. I play 4-4-2
  7. Just started as Benfica who should I sign?
  8. Decided I'm playing as benfica but struggling who to buy to sell Hope you give me some names that I can buy Thanks Donnygemma
  9. 2012 Benfica Help me

    Decided I'm going to start a game with benfica problem is I have no idea who to sign so I will be grateful if you post me some signings or young signings Thanks
  10. Im using normal one and no chance haha and yes i am
  11. I was playing fm11 this afternoon and it came up with this msg. Not well informed (invalid token) at line 1 of floating radar panel state changed what does this mean? Im doing quite well with the club im being plz help thanks donny gemma
  12. has anyone got this? because i won everything with man u
  13. leeds and scumthrope for me cos im a doncaster rovers fan
  14. The year 2074

    hi can i see what doncaster rovers are doing cheers?
  15. West brom

    ok thnx for the advice