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  1. Miguel Almiron's vision, passing and flair gone up to 20 aswell.
  2. This is just a place to discuss players who've had their attributes boosted or decreased. Post in here if you notice anyone!
  3. Trying to train a player's tackling but no option is coming up in the individual training tab?
  4. I'm sure like every year some players have been given attribute increases and decreases in the new patch. If you come across them could you post them here please. Haven't had a chance to load up a new game yet so I'm interested to see who's been given a boost, Thanks.
  5. Good idea to move this thread alright, been a lot of posts in here.....
  6. Which players have been given boosts in the new patch and which have seen a decrease?
  7. What kind of a player is Golovin?
  8. I'm not looking for a comprehensive list or anything, just whatever changes people come across it'd be nice to hear about it. I'm away from FM at the moment so can't check myself.
  9. So, which players have seen increases and decreases in their attributes? Has the Leicester squad been given massive upgrades? Have any Chelsea players been nerfed? List any player changes you can find here. Thanks. I would humbly request that the moderators do not move this thread to the GPTG forum as I made this thread there last year and it garnered a less than satisfactory number of replies and I feel in this forum it is open to much more eyes and therefore much more feedback and discussion. Cheers.
  10. Do people actually say County Londonderry? I have never heard that.
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