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  1. From the results you've provided I can see that head to head goal differences are: Man United +2 Dortmund 0 Lazio -2 So that's why you went out.
  2. This looks really good. Great work. Have an issue getting it working with other editor data files though specifically claasens league megapack. When i load it with that ireland is unplayable as theres only 11 teams in aul premier division and 12 is needed. Youve just created that division obviously so its not in the other editor data files so dont know why its not working. Any ideas as id like to use this with his megapack if possible?
  3. In my current Man United game I've had it twice on both occasions with Man City. On both occasions we both won our final day matches so the team on top going into the final day won which was City the first time and us the second time. I'm in my 6th season and in every season in the game except the first one the Manchester clubs have been the top 2 with only 1 point or goal difference separating them either way.
  4. For my Manchester United team in 2016, I have 10 English players but the next highest I have is 4 Brazilians and I have 3 each from France, Italy and Spain. I also have 2 from Argentina and then I have 1 player from various other countries.
  5. It's probably still a bug I'd say as the draw should be made a lot sooner. It's only made on the weekend before the quarter-finals start when in real life it's made way earlier, I think the Friday after the last 16 matches are finished. It's kind of annoying as for example last season in my game, I had to play Arsenal at 12.30 on the Saturday in the league before the draw for the quarter-finals was made and I would have liked to have known in advance whether I was playing on Tuesday or Wednesday and who I was playing so I could decide to rest players or not.
  6. You're welcome. Glad it worked.
  7. You need to extract them. Google WinRar and download that and install it. Then right click on the rar files and you can extract them. Hope that helps.
  8. Wrong thread for this. This is for disussing the advanced panel for the editor. Anyway since your here, the answer is just the teams one.
  9. Re-read the instructions again. That is the folder in My Documents not the one outlined above. Also jmccabe7, are you sure you are in the right place?
  10. Delete him before starting the game using the editor and then use the editor data file with him deleted just for that game where you can become him.
  11. You mean the hexagonal to the right of the picture? I don't think that can be disabled well at least not without editing the skin.
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