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  1. How do I Post a Screenshot? * While in FM, press the 'Prt Sc' button (usually next to F12 on your keyboard). * Open an image editing program such as Paint and paste the image * Save the file as a JPEG * Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Photobucket * Post the direct Url to the image here.
  2. Just thought is was funny that Japan were managed by China.
  3. I just thought this result was a bit unexpected for a world cup semi-final. (I wasn't involved in this match, it was AI v AI)
  4. I wonder is that just a cosmetic bug and will take Spanish nationality when he "learns basic Spanish" or not though as now he is still non-EU obviously.
  5. After pressing it you don't notice anything happening but then just move on to the next step and paste and it should work.
  6. Fair play. It is one I will link to as well. It actually would be a good thing to put in the FAQ in this forum I think.
  7. Was that a copy and paste job or did you type all that canvey?
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