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  1. No, I took them over after they were relegated so they dropped the affiliates they had. Just one senior affiliate and the academy now. Probably just bad luck.
  2. Really enjoying this.Thank you for the hard work. Question though, is anyone else having issues with setting up affiliates? In 3 seasons with DC United, the board has failed to find a junior affiliate every time I have asked, and I have looked.. Hardly any of the lower league teams have any senior affiliates. It failed to arrange one when I picked a club myself as well.
  3. It was another DB interfering. I decided to try it again. One of the transfer updates I had installed from FMScout was causing the issue.
  4. I already removed it and am trying the other US DB on these forums. I will give this one another shot next time I start a new save. Thanks for the quick reply, was not expecting it, which is why I decided to just try the other one. Sorry for the bother.
  5. At the country loading screen, Canada is replaced with a little warning symbol that says " Team Found in the Canadian Soccer League with the wrong nation set" It will not allow me to even load the league because of it.
  6. How much more money are we talking about? Premier League type money, or just a bump up?
  7. That only happens when you are unemployed to my knowledge
  8. Only option I have ever seen is to Apply for jobs while vacationing. If a contract offer or a unsolicited job offer comes in, it does not stop. If I am missing something, please tell me.
  9. An option when vacationing for the vacation to end if contract offers or job offers come in... Been asking for this for years now.
  10. I have tried searching for an answer to this, because I doubt I am the first to ask this, but I'm not finding the answer. Why are some start dates greyed out and unselectable? It seems any start date after Sept. 2015 is greyed out.
  11. Where have they moved the league info on transfers? It used to be under the rules section of each league, giving specifics on nationality, age, and home grown rules, but I am not seeing any listed for any of the leagues in this years game..
  12. Reserve leagues

    Any other's? I was hoping for a European club.
  13. What counties/leagues have actual reserve leagues besides England? Been managing in Germany awhile and getting a little tired of having to schedule dozens of friendlies every year to get my U23 team playing time. Im planning on moving to a new club soon and would like to move to one with a reserve league (besides England... hate the work permits) if possible.
  14. Aggregate tie?

    Never mind, I screwed up. I just went back and checked again, it was a 3-3 aggregate.. the first match was 2-2, not 1-1. not sure why I thought it was, so they did have more away goals. Thanks for your answer, I was not aware how that worked even if I had not goofed what the final score was.
  15. Aggregate tie?

    No, the final aggregate was 2-2.. both matches were 1-1 draws. Sorry for the misunderstanding.