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  1. FFP and Income

  2. FFP and Income

    Thanks. Do you know what the cut-off is when money becomes too much? Also, is it possible to edit sponsorship money with the in-game editor? I'd like t rescue my save if possible.
  3. FFP and Income

    I've been trying to figure out ways to make clubs artificially rich while compliant with FFP rules through the editor. I've increased teams' balance and given them annual cash injections through sponsorships and other types of income, but the FFP page winds up saying that the club is in danger of failing FFP, despite a positive balance (for instance, if a sponsor will give 1bn that year, FFP says it is 1bn in the red, more or less). Surely revenue should increase your ability to work within FFP, rather than decrease it? Doies anyone know what income is considered by the game to offset expenditure in terms of FFP? EDIT: Is it possible that the FFP page is wrong and that it isn't taking into account the finances properly? I haven't delved too far into a save with these edits to check.
  4. Creating the Best League in the World

    But Youth Recruitment seems to be region-based. So RUOR have 20 in Belarus, ManU 20 in England, etc, because that's where the best players will go to first, then the club with Youth Recruitment 19 etc. at least that's how I understood it.
  5. Dunno if this should go in the Experiments forum, but this seems a more appropriate place: I had an idea for a save game, similar to what some guy on the sortitoutsi board did with Poland. Basically, using DLR, the idea would be to take a nation like Serbia, and make it's leagues the best in Europe. To do that you'd need have it's top sides consistently perform well in Europe, having them win the CL and Europa league and basically improve their coefficients enough to give them extra European spots and have the league rep increase to 5 stars, attracting worldclass players. For that, the teams in the league would have to improve enough for that to happen. In the save I mentioned, the guy took over several sides in Poland one after another and kept improving them. It took him 50 years, if not more, game time, to achieve that. Why? Because once he left one team and moved to another, after a while, the first team became worse (I remember he even returned to some teams to get them back to the level they needed to be). Now, I don't want to spend that much time on it. My idea is to edit the database, without altering the reputation or CA/PA of any player, gives the nation the best foundation it needs to succeed. So, the question is, what are some of the things you can do to improve that foundation? I've done several things: First, I chose a nation and downloaded editor data to make the league structure go deeper. Then I gave all the clubs in the top divisions (not sure if I'll do all the clubs, but it's the plan for now) the most amount of money I can give them, as well as sugar daddies and huge transfer kitties which get progressively smaller (but are still big, even for top club standards) as you go down the pyramid. Why? Because money will attract better players which will compensate for the initial low reputation, and that should get the playing level improving, and get the teams to perform better and increase reputation. Also increased the prize money in all of the competitions, again, to very high levels, for the same reason. Increased the attraction of several cities to 20. Not sure how much this affects anything, but I know I'd rather move to a team in London or Barcelona rather than Hull, even if both are equally good. I'm going to improve training facilities and youth facilities and youth recruitment to ensure the clubs produce better players too. Also, it's because I want the nation to become a powerhouse as well, and have HG talent as well, and not just rely on bought players. I decided against improving stadiums, because I'd rather the teams did that of their own accord. There's no point in improving a stadium so it fits 90k when right now only 12k go to a match. The logic is that once there's a need for a better stadium, the club will build it. Although I worry about that possibility. Moving stadiums is difficult, and maybe if the nation is small, the game won't allow for better stadiums because of a lack of building permits or something. Is there any way to edit a city or region so as to ensure it has the potential to allow for a bunch of amazing stadiums in the future. I'm also considering improving all of the staff to 200 CA, but that's moreso to help with the development of the HG players, and I have the feeling that because the club rep will be so low, the staff members will just wind up leaving for better clubs at better leagues. I've also improved the nation's spending power to the best it can be. Anyone got any other ideas for things that could help? Oh, and I read that Youth Recruitment represents the club's ability at attracitng local talent. So, I assume making all the nation's Youth Recruitment 20 would be useless because they're all in the same region. Or would they all get more and better players as a result?
  6. Like I said in two threads I started: - Goalkick set-pieces - Sliders for Width Movement
  7. Yeah, there should definitely be more flexibility along the horizontal axis.
  8. Newgens and Nationality

    Cheers, I think I've found my answer. Would I be right to believe that if I injected the game with 100 players from Vanatu with similar stats (great physicals for example), then the game will create a template that makes it more probable for players from Vanatu to be good physically?
  9. I have never tried to be Barca, but others have and this would help them, as well as allowing the AI to play a realistic Barca. It also has larger connotations than just Barca, giving you tactical options whether you play short or direct, and giving you more options for keeper distribution. Such as laying out how you want your targetman to play and receive the ball as well plan which players are there to get the flick-on etc. Goalkicks are a part of tactics, and there's more to them than just kick the ball and hope someone gets it down. I'm actually surprised that Barca is all you've got from it, it was just an example.
  10. Firstly, the title says 2013 because if SI like this idea, they can only implement it from then on. I recently read one of many 'translating-Barca-to-FM' article, and many of them seem to come stuck in defense. There is no way to make the CBs move wide in possession and offer passing options from the back and for the DM to slot in between them. At first I thought, maybe FM should create new roles that would accomodate such tactical innovations, as well as others, such as the central winger (relatively similar to the inside-forward, only he moves from the centre to the wing in the search for spaces), forwards running wide to open up spaces through the middle, shuttlers covering the centre and wing and others. But then I noticed that a lot of these have to do with players starting in one place, and when possession switches (whether with the ball or without) they move along the X-axis, horizontally. This was once somewhat possible by giving your players diagonal runs, but this has been taken out, and the width slider isn't enough. I think a new width slider should be available, or a new way to structure positions. I think these new ideas could be implemented by simply allowing us to instruct our players to move horizontally as well as vertically, and not just in attack, but in defense as well. So, to make a shuttler, I'd have his initial positin at MC so he'd know to defend the centre when without the bible, but have his new with slider on wide so he'd move wide in attack. The current width sliders only allow me to choose where he positions himself consistently, it doesn't give me any flexibility. The 3 options for wide play also don't encompass the huge variety of movements players can perform, but if anyone knows how to mimic these movements in FM, please say so. I think a new width slider for movement on top of one for initial position would be a huge improvement and offer a lot of flexibility. Another option would be to have two line-ups, one showing positions in attack, and one in defense. So my shuttler would be place on the AMR in the attack line-up so he'd move there when have the ball, but MC when we don't so he'd defend centrally. Basically, I think we should have two width sliders, one for position, and one for movement, and have the ability to move players horizontally and vertically in terms of attack and defense, having them take up different positions depending on what phase the team is in. Thoughts?
  11. First off, the title says 2013 because obviously this idea, if they haven't thought of it already, won't be available or 2012. Here's the gist, goalkicks are a part of a manager's set-up, and some teams give it a lot of importance, but in FM there's not much you can do with it. Generally, this isn't much of an issue, but some tactics have specific keeper distribution mechanics, and I think that if goalkicks were given set-piece options, like corners do, the game would resemble real-life more. For example, Barca jhave their CBs move wide and their DM move back to receive the ball when the keeper has the ball. With keeper set-pieces, you could instruct the DM to 'come deep' and CBs to 'stay wide'. Other options would be 'look for space' so players will try to move away from their markers, 'flick-on' so the targetman will look to head theball into another's players' path, and 'run onto ball/flick' for quick players, and 'stay wide' or 'move centrally' to open up the field or have better chances in the central zones. All these are things manager instruct their players, and this could have a knock-on effect onto how target-men instructions are done and generally gives you more options. Also, lots of people are struggling with making a perfect Barcelona tactic and this feature would help. Thoughts?
  12. Newgens and Nationality

    It's possible that it was announced and then taken out following a backlash. This is why I ask.
  13. Yeah, I have that table, but it doesn't explain how that translates into current ability. For example, Composure is worth 4 points for STs. What do those 4 points equal in current ability?
  14. First off, I don't have FM11, I decided to skip from 2010 to 2012, but there was a feature which caught my eye and I haven't read a single thread about it since it was announced. Considering how many people had polarised opinions about it, it seems a bit strange. So, has anyone seen any trends in newgens' ability in relation to nationality? The announcement said this: Did this actually happen? Has anyone seen anything like this? Are the Dutch newgens better technically? Are the English newgens physical workhorses? Are the Brazilians all about joga bonito? Or maybe certain nationalities produce certain roles, such as Brazil with attacking wingbacks, Italy with registas, and conversely, perhaps they produce poor players in certain positions like England with goalkeepers? If anyone has any information and data about this, I'll appreciate it, since this sounded very interesting when it was announced.
  15. Does anyone know EXACTLY how they translate? I have the table which tells you how many points each attribute takes up for every position, but it has been made clear that these points AREN'T ability points, otherwise, for example, a striker with 20 pace and 20 acceleration would require 240 current ability rating, and while it's true that high speed attributes do mean that overall the other attributes are lower, the effect isn't as heavy. We also know that while we see the attributes as ranging from 1-20, they actually range from 1-200 or 100, I can't recall now, which means that two players with 15 Finishing might have different levels of Finishing. Does this mean that 1-20 reflects the levels and you build up points on the 1-200 range to 'level up' or that each level within the 1-200 range reflects a different level of expertise within the attribute? Which would mean that the two players with 15 Finishing could actually be better or worse than one another, even if you were unable to tell. The above seems somewhat backed by the fact that occasionally the training page will show improvements or decreases in certain areas even though the attribute page shows no changes. We also know that Flair, Determination, Influence, Aggression and Natural Fitness are unrelated to the current ability total (as well as the hidden attributes Versatility, Injury Prone, Consistency, Important Matches and Dirtiness) and Rushing Out, Tendency to Punch and Eccentricity for keepers. These ones seem to create a personality and style of play for the players, rather than ability. So, what else do we know? I want to be able to create a player in the editor and give him a current ability which is reflected by his attributes and won't change when I start the game just because I don't know how the calculations are done. EDIT: What seems strange is that despite attribute ratings not equalling current ability ratings point for point, to a certain extent they seem to. I've used FMRTE a few times and if you change players' attributes in a way that exceeds their worth in current ability, the game will lower the stats accordingly, and in trying to stop that from happening, I've noticed that generally, 1 ability points seems to allow for 1 attribute point (the main excepetion being speed attributes, which require more).