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  1. Looking forward to the modified version for the second season with Accrington, after a wonderful start we've gotten pretty much violently raped over the second half of the season. I guess it's to be expected with such a poor team. Scored the most goals in the league though so it's not all bad and still preforming way above expectations even though we're 10th.
  2. Topping League 2 with Accrington first season after 15 games(10-1-4), O'Callaghan and Howieson(Loan) only signings. Media prediction: 24th. Would say that's pretty decent! I wouldn't mind a version with tighter defense but in any case, well done Steaton.
  3. I'm working on updating it for new patch since i've been having mixed results myself but to be honest it's pretty difficult to get the defense working like I want it to. I might need a new approach to things.
  4. IF version, no doubt. And i've been using the standard pitch size. Although if you're a strong team you'd probably want max pitch size.
  5. I've made a high pressing 4-2-3-1 wide for when the team needs a goal, opposition has had a player sent off or you're massive favourite to win: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qr0hxr It's based on the same principles but it has a high d-line, offside trap and high closing down, so fast defenders with good positioning is a must if anyone plans on using it regularly.
  6. After winning the npower Championship with ease the first season with Wolves, i've made a pretty decent start to the new season, can't really say i've noticed any indication of a second season syndrome. I'm not sure why you had such a bad streak Supersplash, how did your Chelsea save go? The Squad: League table: Fixtures: Best matches: after losing 3-2 with a slightly weakened lineup, I fielded a full strength side in the league If Hennessey hadn't had such a bad day at the office that result might have been different
  7. Oh wow. That sounds pretty bad. Managing a streak of poor form is difficult. I haven't encountered the 2nd season syndrome so it's kinda hard for me to give you any solid tips. I assume you tried all the usual crisis solving moves( team meetings, player interactions etc.) I'll have a look and see if I can come up with some alternatives for you when I get home from work. Got some other shapes based on the same principles lying around but they haven't been thoroughly tested yet.
  8. Yep, although on this ME the opposite foot thing isn't that big of a deal it seems.
  9. Cool, seems like the alternative version with IF's is more potent offensively, so i'd suggest using that one. Good luck
  10. Alternative version with IF's instead of wingers. http://www.mediafire.com/?lgjb2ssgky644p6 http://www.sendspace.com/file/36g4ry
  11. Dominated that match, lucky scousers. League cup game so I didn't field a full strength side .
  12. http://www.sendspace.com/file/2hkxkw http://www.mediafire.com/?u97ci2x8f5rt2v7 <-- The Tactic (For those who don't want to read this very very important wall of text) Funny story behind this tactic actually. I don't normally make my own tactics, been downloading them as long as I can remember. But with the troubles everyone seem to have on this patch, I decided to pull out the old and trusted TT&F09 and see if I could create something that'd be rock solid defensively. Being a Man Utd supporter it's kind of funny that I landed on the 5x5 theory that Rafa Benitez used when managing Liverpool to build the tactic around: 5×5 Theory Manager Type: Rafa Benitez Although Benitez doesn’t come immediately to mind as a Libertarian, his structural approach to tactics is a simple one, relying on five players to defend and five to attack. Although he has transformed Liverpool into a team that is very difficult to break down, criticisms remain with regard to his attacking intentions and lack of width. In typical Spanish manner, Benitez wants his front five to play with creativity and flair, unlocking opposing defences via quick-fire passing interchanges. Without players who have the vision and touch to unlock defences in tight areas this translates into many efficient but dour matches. However, with the right players and creative freedom allowances up front, scintillating attacking play will complement resolute defence. Credit: Asmodeus That's the direct quote from TT&F09. Since I wanted a defensively stable tactic, I decided 4-2-3-1 deep was the way to go and the 5x5 theory sounded like it fit my project well. The goal of the tactic is to keep a clean sheet. You won't keep a clean sheet every game obviously(Most of them though, hopefully!) but i'm happy with how the tactic plays and the shape it keeps when you're not in possession. I used QPR for most of the testing, and I had some pretty impressive matches against strong sides. Didn't win all of them, but you won't. Sad fact the game is sometimes utterly cruel! Match Prep and Pre season: This is what I do, doesn't mean you have to, but in order to get the tactic fluid as quickly as possible I arrange atleast 8 friendlies before the season starts, put the team training on Team Cohesion - High and Match Prep on 50% tactics only. (No rest before or after matches till the season starts) If it's not fluid by the first league (Or cup) game I keep it like that until it is(only adding the rest days). Once the tactic is fluid, I've been using teamwork as match prep for home games I should win, but this could be changed to defending set pieces or attacking movement(I seem to get funny numbers both ways with attacking movement so i'm kinda on the fence on wether I want to use it or not) and defending set pieces for away games. For the games against strong sides I normally go for defensive positioning. No OI's have been used. Team talks: I'm normally assertive at home and calm away, using common sense(and sometimes the advice of my assistant if he has decent motivation and man management) and always aim to keep the morale high. The Tactic explained: GK- He should be decent with the ball at his feet as the CB's quite often play it back to him and he lays it out for one of the fullbacks, other than that, just as good as you can get really. FB's- Prioritise defensive stats before attacking stats. They are not wingbacks who bomb forward. CB's- Aerial ability is important along with being able to pass the ball a short distance, I like my defenders to have decent mental stats ( Determination, Concentration, Anticipation, Composure ) DMCr - Anchor man. Decent Aerial ability is a plus. DMCl - Think DLP. A good passer preforms very well here. If he has the "Get's forward whenever possible" PPM, he'll chip in with quite a few goals. Wingers - For me it seems like having right footed right wingers and vice versa works best. AMC - Think AP. As good as you can get. ST - Pacey striker, being able to link up with the other players is a plus. It's made in classic mode so just Plug & Play, any feedback, good and especially bad is much appreciated!
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