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  1. It will say default on the left and by default it means the setting you have set at the top. So if you've set general training to 'very high' the default will be 'very high'. Hope that makes sense.
  2. Last year you only had to start in the National to get the trophy as CFA isn't playable first season.
  3. BiggusD is spot on mate. You should have either been pleased or encouraged them given your position and expectations etc. Dealing with complacency should be an issue for a relegation battler.
  4. I've had some great ones in my current save including coming back fro 3-1 down to Man City and winning 5-3 in my first season in the Premier League and that was in the middle of a really crap run of form with City being top of the league. A couple of season ago now so I can't take a screenie but my most recent one was this result against Blackburn when I was challenging for a CL spot (which I didn't quite make) and with two minutes left I was 2-0 down only to win 3-2 after 7 minutes of stoppage time. Got me some Fergie time. http://i1062.photobucket.com/albums/t498/martyfm78/LeicestervBlackburn_OverviewOverview.png[/img]"]
  5. If you mean your youth intake then you can check them out when they arrive and offer them youth contracts individually or tell your assistant to sign the players he recommends. There will be a match between youth candidates and youth team a few days after they arrive and your assistant will recommend who to sign but you have to tell him to 'sign recommended players' after the match.
  6. Pace is a difficult one to get right because we all know players with pace IRL can cause all sorts of problems for defences even with little else to their game. Pace and good dribbling still rips up defences a little too much in game for me but it's definitely better than previous years. I'd like to see players not be quite as quick when running with the ball at their feet though personally.
  7. I'd definitely try going less attacking and grind out a couple of results, perhaps lots of teams are going defensive against you and going more defensive yourself may draw them out and allow you to get in behind them. If you feel you have players for a 4-4-2 then why not mix it up and maybe start with 4-4-2 and make sure you have the players on the bench to switch back to 4-5-1 if that doesn't work. Maybe a team meeting telling them they've been fantastic all season and they can get promoted should they keep it up a day or two before a match. If the pitches are generally poor perhaps going more direct in your approach may help. If you want specific tactical help then get over the tactic forum and you'll find help for sure.
  8. Yeah, very annoying. The worst for me is the stupid co-own offers in Italy, they're relentless.
  9. Yeah that's right, it's the level of investment that goes into recruiting for your academy and doesn't require any building of facilities. Junior coaching is exactly the same and will upgrade immediately.
  10. I won Serie A six seasons in a row and managed two Champions leagues using a flat 4-4-2 almost exclusively. It is most certainly not dead.
  11. I have a player with 'important matches' listed as a specific weakness. What I'd like to know is whether or not this will become less of an issue as he becomes more experienced (he's 23yo now) and if that weakness can be passed on through tutoring? Thanks in advance.
  12. Yeah, go to your team screen (not squad), click on 'players' and next to 'contract expiry dates' is an 'extended leave' tab.
  13. No, the actual PA doesn't change only the PA rating (or perceived potential ability as explained by CWR15) and that will tend to go down anyway as the players CA gets closer to his PA. A player's CA will increase faster with a successful loan deal than reserve team football in most cases. Of course he will have to play well and at a standard suitable for his ability, preferably at a club with good facilities although that's not always possible. If you can give him fairly regular first team games then maybe he would be better off staying put if you have great facilities and coaches. I'm not sure there is a hard and fast rule and it's probably best judged on a player to player basis.
  14. I'm doing the same but in Italy. Tutoring is important for those that need it initially and then I make my youths available on a match day and sub them in during games where I'm cruisin but leave them playing with youth team most weeks as they should be match fit and with good morale to train at their best. The higher the reputation of the competition the better but a lower rep competition that they perform well in is probably better than a high rep competition they struggle to perform in. A loan move where they will play week in, week out is a good idea once they require no further tutoring but are still short of being good enough for your first team.
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