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  1. So for some reason (as I really like the game this year) I have yet to get into it, and yet to even complete a season with a team! I guess I'm looking for a challenge, preferably lower leagues...my mate said Portsmouth which is an option but anyone else got bigger challenges?
  2. When moderators close your thread cause FM and its people is not allowed to take any criticism are they? Man up lads..its a forum for a reason, so people can express their views.
  3. How FM don't make any effort with their customers, i've been getting FM for 7 years straight and its very disappointing really.. the fact they make no ounce of effort to tell us when the new patch will be released, they don't even give us a rough idea. Very poor Oh and before everyone starts jumping on my back telling me to be patient, i couldn't really give 2 hoops what everyone else thinks, personally I'm becoming very disillusioned with the game and anyone who wants to jump down my throat knows where to go. A very disillusioned FM gamer.
  4. Right so wanting to start a game with Stockport I realised that FM had not included the Blue Square premier kits this season, for whatever reason that may be it's very disappointing and I'm very tempted to say lazy, but don't know the situation. So instead of changing my plans I decided to find a download online, I did find one : http://sortitoutsi.net/forum/topic/47464-3d-match-kits-for-fm2010-2012/ So i have the winrar. evaluation copy on my computer from last years game and extracted these kit files into all the C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\graphics\kits and unticked and ticked the appropriate things but for some reason, the Premiership ones I downloaded have worked, but only 3 of the Blue square kits have changed, anyone got any ideas at all as I'm trying to get the game started today? Thanks in Advance
  5. I have downloaded the blue square premier kits and extracted them into the kits folder in the graphics one, I've unticked 'Use Skin Cache' and ticked 'Always reload skin on confirm' but the kits still aren't showing, argh help?!?!?!
  6. Firstly, not really started to play the game as much yes, it's normally around the January point i start to become a hardcore gamer, bit certainly the first thing i thought, with the tabs for senior squad etc, it's very 'Champ Manager 2000' like. Seems very dated:/ Also, where have the Blue Square prem kits etc gone? Not happy about this..
  7. Wally/Pav Serge Makofo should have pace as 18, acceleration 15, flair 12!
  8. No worries mate, yeah with me being a Grimsby fan down here there's a few clubs in trouble. One i forgot to mention, Wrexham, surely you know about them at the minute. And Styche will be easy enough mate, just up his overall thing and then tweak his finishing, stamina and pace and anything else that could be ascociated with a poacher striker, cause that's what the guy is!
  9. Alright Wally/Pav, just checking what you've done with a few clubs finances... Brighton, over 3 mill spent on Mackail Smith shows they've gotta bit of money handy, you made any changes to them? Stockports finances still appear as 'okay', surely with the dire situation they was in/just getting out of this should be changed? Also Forest Green striker Reece Styche should be improved I feel! One of FGR key players but always backup on the game. Just signed a new deal but was interest from Luton and a number of league clubs, the lad, along with Jamie Vardy is the next big thing in non league at the minute! Lincoln transfer budget should be set as 0 and remaining wage budget also 0! Like I said Fleetwood are seen as the new Crawley of non league having spent an awful lot on players and paying 4k for Richard Brodie in wages!
  10. Not had chance to look at the update as will wait till tomorrow first mate due to being at work today! Looking forward to it. Have you done many BSP transfers mate? There's been the odd couple here or there? Stuart Fleetwood (Hereford) to Luton - 2 year deal Colin Samuel (former St Johnstone) to Luton - 1 year deal Jamie Green (Rotherham or former Rotherham) to Grimsby - 1 year deal Michael Smith (Darlington) to Charlton - 3 year deal Mitchell Nelson (Bournemouth) to Lincoln - loan till Oct 1st Rossi Jarvis (former Barnet) to Cambridge United - 1 year deal Andy Holdsworth (former Morecambe) to Alfreton - 1 year deal James Ellison (Burton) to Alfreton - 6 month loan deal Hector Mackie (former Bath) to Hayes and Yeading - 1 year deal
  11. Also Wally, is there anyway you could get rid of the points deduction for Kidderminster in the BSP?!
  12. Andi Thanoj at Grimsby needs stats upping, new big thing at the Park! Serge Makofo should have Flair, Creativity and pace going up!
  13. Jamie Vardy (Halifax Town) to Fleetwood. Stats should be improved a lot, next biggest thing in non league! Kevin Roberts of Cambridge United should have right back as his favoured position! Daryl Clare (Cambridge) released! Rossi Jarvis (3 month deal) with Cambridge!
  14. What has happened to Fleetwood lads? Owner pumping money into the club and report are that Brodie is on upto 4k:o Peter Winn has joined Cambridge United on a 3 month loan as well:) Great to see the thread re opened btw Wally, full deserved! Looking forward to the update:)
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