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  1. No I thought this was the right place to report bugs. Is there a proper email address to report these major issues?
  2. Hello guys, FMM 2016 is not working properly on the new iPhone 7 Plus, it launched with the old phone interface without retina support making the game completely blurry. This was working fine on the 6 Plus that used the retina skin but the 7 Plus doesn't. Will this be fixed in the near future or chances are it will only get fixed for the 2017 version?
  3. Hello, is there a way to upload the current game to could save on Steam without quitting FMT?
  4. In the match preview the screen "Players to Watch", if I scroll back and forth to that panel it keeps changing the players represented there. Like I scroll to the next panel and then back and the players to watch have changed to someone else. It happens all the time. Is this a known bug?
  5. Yes I understand that. Maybe one year it would be a good choice not to add new features but to invest time and resources on working on a completely renewed UI. The interface and game could definitely benefit from added polish and a more modern layout. Current one works well but lacks in quality and looks outdated when compared to modern gaming interfaces.
  6. Nice that you already have it as a feature request to show the information on the squad screen. That would be far more intuitive. As far as a page for different competitions I don't think it would be overloading the game as that is really important information. It's essential to planning matches when your team plays in more than a single competition. I have found myself doing wrong choices many times precisely from the lack of information. I think it would only benefit gameplay if such a thing was implemented. I keep looking for that information before matches but have no proper way to find it.
  7. Great, thanks! Just a question, will the update fix this issue retroactively for players like this one that's in risk of being banned and for already banned players?
  8. Hello everyone, What are the best ways to check what players are currently in risk of being banned? I know how to see it inside the player detailed information but I'm looking for a way to check for the whole squad. Also, I see no simple way to check a report on what players are in risk of being banned for a certain competition. This has caused me planning problems in my career. For example I'm playing a match for the national league and the next match is for the champions league, sometimes I end up substituting certain players so that they can rest for the big european match ahead only to learn when the match ends that they are banned for that match. Is there a proper workflow for this instead of having to check a ton of players's pages individually? Thanks for the help.
  9. Alari, is this the same bug that's being fixed in the latest update or a different one?
  10. Either way that feature might need revision or a better implementation as it's common in FMM to use a player that didn't play all season and he does well. I never see any difference or benefit from squad rotation or sticking to the same eleven all season.
  11. Any tips on how to better gauge this stat?
  12. Hello, Any chance of getting the Match Sharpness stat introduced in a future version of FMM? This plays a central role in FM and FMT, making the game one that requires more thinking and planning because if you want to keep your players on the bench useful you must do some squad rotation otherwise they will greatly lack in sharpness when called to play. This is a much more accurate reflection of reality in football unlike FMM that you can play successfully with the same starting eleven a whole season with no problems except the occasional injury. Introducing such a stat would greatly improve the depth of strategy in FMM. I do understand that this is more of a casual game and not really intended to be the full experience or a strategy game but the current iteration of FMM is just incredibly easy at this point and requires no real thinking.
  13. Agreed. The fake logos completely ruin the experience and immersion as this is a game about imagination and being the manager (#WeAreTheManagers !!!) but the fake logos make it look like just another of those immature simulations in the App Store or another game for kids when that doesn't represent what Football Manager is. Even Football Manager Mobile allows to add logos and even faces! At this point FM Touch isn't there yet. SEGA needs to address this. We must be given an option to add at least some limited number of logos like our club's league.
  14. I wish SI Games would reconsider this for the next update. It makes no sense to restrict players with high-end tablets such as the iPad Air 2 because low-end devices can't handle it.
  15. There are many ways in how cross save can be implemented. In fact there are complaints all over the internet on how this implementation is weak and plagued with problems, not always working properly, although I can't judge that for myself. I want to test that myself and see how well or how poorly it works, as well as if it adapts to my gaming workflow, but since it's not possible I am unlikely to purchase it on PC and just continue playing on the iPad.
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