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  1. FM10: Nathan Delfouneso

    [This is on the 10.0 version] I signed him in 2020 (I think, might be a year either side) for Wednesday (but at the time I was a top 3 side); he was fairly good in his first season, then the year after, he was a very good option up front, he also is my third choice striker in my England side (after a regen and Welbeck). I'd say that by 30, he'd be a great option for any mid-table Prem side, and a good option for a team looking at European places.
  2. I've had a few international friendlies coinciding with league matches, always obscure matches, I think Puerto Rico was one of them. I think that when you get the news item saying players have been called up, it should mention what games they might miss, it makes deciding whether or not to withdraw them from the squad easier.
  3. Never seen this bug before, the 6th round of the FA Cup shouldn't coincide with international matches anyway, regardless of how many players you have called up for it.
  4. Dreamteam

    Haha, that's some slight exaggeration. 5-6 years into the game, and the oldest regens will be about 23, which is too young to be at their maximum potential, and it's unlikely you could have a squad full of ones that are better than the listed players. I'd say it takes about at least 8 years for the regens to take over the game properly. I'm in my 12th season and I still have about 40% of my squad being original players.
  5. I have never been thanked in my capacity as a club manager, only as a national manager. And I fully agree with your other gripe, I have finally got onto Wednesday's Favoured Personnel list; all it took was a league & CL double... I'll never be a legend...
  6. Most polyglot player

    I have English, Dutch, Spanish and Ukrainian after 12 years of the game.
  7. I often comment on managers, I like to build positive relations with as many managers as possible.
  8. No, useful, since most of the time it just tells you what you already know "Playing badly" "Playing fairly well" "Playing well" etc... It's like analysis on Sky.
  9. Never had a particularly amazing strikeforce, probably the best two strikers I've had on FM10 so far are Negredo in 11/12 at Sevilla and Paloschi in 13/14 for Chelsea. Ched Evans was amazing for me with Wednesday on last year's FM. (this was BEFORE he'd signed for United in real life...)
  10. I'm being replaced...

    I just had a similar situation; just won my first league title with Wednesday, followed by a first CL. Then the new owners (who took over about 2 days later) were considering replacing me with Brian McBride, as the new chairman has links with the USA. When he took over, he said he was planning to replace me, but will take some time to make a decision, he came back to say I can stay, because of the huge support I have. In the meantime, while he was making his decision, my board confidence said something like "The board believe you have done an unbelievable job as manager, and you are putting a smile on the face of each and every supporter. Long may it continue." so if they had sacked me, I'd have been livid. Joke's on them though, I plan to quit after the Club World Championship.
  11. I have the motivation tab open on the TV view; it's good for seeing how players react to your half-time talk, I find it useful as I can give an overall team talk, then specific ones to the players who are "Playing nervously" etc.
  12. The Manager

    I'd rather the managers weren't naked. I like the idea, but you'd have to choose your manager's hair and skin colour too, maybe even the height and weight, so they appear accurate in the 3D engine. It wouldn't destract from the performance of the game, it'd be a nice touch. It would be interesting to see if your personality affects your reactions; if you come across as a nervous manager (say if you admit to nerves in a press conference a lot) then you pace the touchline all the time, while if you have a low hands-on stat then you just sit in the dugout and let your assistant shout the instructions.
  13. Feeder/Parent clubs

    If there's no feeder clubs in Britain, how would you describe the relation between West Ham and Chelsea? On a serious note, I thought league clubs could have feeder clubs with non-league clubs, although on FM that hasn't stopped me setting up a link with Carlisle (I actually wanted a foreign team for Work Permit issues, but I have a little soft spot for Carlisle).
  14. Managers and CA

    No, you've badly misunderstood me. I find it funny that elsewhere in the thread, it was argued that it doesn't matter how good the manager is, a good team will do well and a bad team will do badly. I'm not making any comments at all on the specific case of Pienaar, if I'm honest his stats don't look that bad.
  15. Managers and CA

    I like the amount of people who don't think that the quality of the manager has that big an effect on the quality of the team... on Football Manager