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  1. Pietro Pellegri at Genoa. I took over Genoa, instantly became my first choice striker. 18 goals in his first season, which as a 16 year old isn't a bad return at all. Then regularly scored 30+ goals a season. Also used Salcedo from the Genoa youth team, both of them were my first team strike force. Was an incredible save till it corrupted
  2. Haven't looked through this thread so may have already been asked, but with regards to staff responsibilities: If setting "Hires/Fires all other staff" to the Director of Football for example, and I then sack my assman, hire a new one, the new one will often get sacked and replaced with someone else by the DoF. It'd be nice to be able to set "Hires/Fires assistant manager", like we can DoF and Chief Scout as opposed to assman being in "Hires/Fires all other staff"
  3. Game uses a maximum of 3gb RAM (IIRC), so won't be that. I get it with saving, takes about 3 - 4 minutes to save.
  4. I've seen one instance where I thought "what the hell" and that's when I beat WBA 9 - 0 whilst playing as Newcastle. Beyond that, I'd say that goals ratio on the game has been relatively normal so far
  5. If it's midway through a season with no big games coming up I will. If I have a bit of an injury crisis with a big game coming up and I can postpone, I will. Otherwise I never let them play in friendlies
  6. Unless it's had a major overhaul, I wouldn't pay too much attention to the games "star rating" when selecting leagues etc. I currently have an AMD FX-4100 Quad Core processor running at 3.60, about 3 years old now. GTX 550ti, 16GB RAM and an SSD. Runs fine for what I run on FM (about 10 leagues and extra players loaded etc) for most saves. As said previously, SSDs are only useful for speeding up the game saving/loading speed. If you're looking at an i5/i7 system then processor wise I can't envisage you having much of an issue. In terms of RAM, unless it's been changed this year, which I haven't seen anything about then FM is still only 32-Bit and won't use more than 3GB of RAM anyway, anything about I'd say 8GB if you have background applications running etc is just a bonus really. In terms of graphics card, mines about 3 years old and there's much better ones available but even then I still bop between 59 - 60 FPS according to fraps. I'd personally recommend considering more than just FM though. Is he going to want to play other games, and if not now could it be a possibility in the future? I wouldn't really say it's worth forking out on building a new PC just for one game & browsing etc. But that's just my personal opinion.
  7. FM Button on the top bar > Downloads > FMC Unlockables > No Work Permits
  8. 12 games I think. Never leaving a title chasing team for a relegation threatened team again.
  9. Clubs have to accept approaches for their managers AFAIK as compensation is offered before any contract talks take place I believe. Russell Slade and Cardiff for example. Leyton Orient rejected Cardiffs approach to speak to him
  10. I once had a 17 year old wonder kid retire after constant injuries (broke his leg, few weeks after his return and having him play in reserve games, he tore his cruciate ligaments). Have you tried checking his injury history? Could be that he's injury prone and he's given up on football?
  11. All you need is a VPN and you can circumvent ISP blocks to websites. Piracy will be slowed down now and then, but they won't stop it completely.
  12. Rumors of a Swindon fan being stabbed after the game v Scunthorpe yesterday. Disgusting if true. A small minority of scunny (scummy?) fans ran on the pitch. Thankfully they generally seem like a decent bunch and none of them seemed all too pleased at the display by the few of their fans.
  13. So, uhh, assuming we make it who's looking forward to hammering Swindon in the play-offs?
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