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  1. Nice good work on adding Chilavert, I will be giving this a try soon.
  2. Name: José Luis Chilavert Recommended Age: 23? Suggested Strengths: Penaltys, Free Kicks, Eccentric, Suggested Weaknesses: Low Temperament
  3. I am doing a long term save and started at level 9 i'm now in the 2026/2027 season and there's loads of non league clubs established in the football league
  4. Yeah I have raided AIS and Clairefontaine a few times as it was a very easy and cheap way to boost the squad
  5. Just caught up with the past weeks updates, great stuff as usual
  6. Excellent start mate, Soria seems to have banged plenty in for you so far this season!
  7. Will be reading this, a nice challenge you have set yourself. Good luck
  8. Even if you dont make the play offs you look like you have improved this year so you are at least making progress
  9. will definitely give this a go soon, good work mate
  10. Just read though this nice start! Looking forward to following the exploits of Diaz
  11. Doing well mate plenty of Promotions! It is hard to say bye to some of the players who get you up I had ahard time releasing some of my players.
  12. When I got to League One after submitting a board request they increased my scouting range but I doubt I would of been given it unless I asked
  13. Great cliffhanger, eagerly awaiting your next update!
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