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  1. Getting back into playing fm after a long absence and going to need new laptop. Can anybody recommend something,budget of about €500 or so
  2. Haven't played fm in a few months or turned laptop on. Went to start up a save there and laptop is running incredibly slow and the estimated game speed was only at 1 star when it's normally at 4. Anything I can do to get it going again?
  3. Buying the game as a present for Xmas. will it be able to run fm17? https://m.argos.ie/static/Product/partNumber/5163519/Trail/searchtext>Lenovo+laptop.htm
  4. first time downloader here lads,i dont have editor data folder. do i just make a new folder called that and place the file there???
  5. first time downloader mg,where do i put this file when i download it???
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