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  1. Buying the game as a present for Xmas. will it be able to run fm17? https://m.argos.ie/static/Product/partNumber/5163519/Trail/searchtext>Lenovo+laptop.htm
  2. I am getting a new laptop for xmas and also fm12. What will i have to do to get the game up and running. I have steam on my current laptop with previous versions of fm installed. So will i hav to download steam on the new laptop and sign in. Its been years since i got steam so i cant remember password or anything?
  3. i have narrowed my choice down to 2? which one is the better out of the 2? cheers for the feedback http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005TPRWN4/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE http://www.littlewoodsireland.ie/samsung-rv520-core-i5-6gb-ram-640gb-hard-drive-laptop---blacksilver/1008004251.prd?browseToken=%2fb%2f4873%2fs%2fbestsellers%2c0
  4. Will the integrated graphics card run fm in 3d? Sorry for all the questions,havent a breeze about this kinda stuff.
  5. is this laptop any use for fm alexyfoot? can be got for 495 euro with a promo discount? http://www.littlewoodsireland.ie/samsung-rv520-core-i5-6gb-ram-640gb-hard-drive-laptop---blacksilver/1008004251.prd?browseToken=%2fb%2f4873%2fs%2fbestsellers%2c0
  6. Looking to get a new laptop for xmas. i only play fm and browse the net so i dont need anything spectacular. could anyone point me in the direction of a good laptop that will run fm 12 in 3d mode and be fairly fast. the missus is getting it so dont want her breaking the bank either. cheers
  7. i use opera as my browser,cant find internet tools anywhere.
  8. i am gettin this error when i return to windows after finishing playing my game. i am only running the demo at the minute. ive also noticed a diffrent error message sometimes when finishing the game about a google toolbar notifier. are these all related to the demo? What is Data Execution Prevention? Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature that can help prevent damage to your computer from viruses and other security threats. Harmful programs can try to attack Windows by attempting to run (also known as execute) code from system memory locations reserved for Windows and other authorized programs. These types of attacks can harm your programs and files. DEP can help protect your computer by monitoring your programs to make sure that they use system memory safely. If DEP notices a program on your computer using memory incorrectly, it closes the program and notifies you. See also
  9. Theres a thread on page 2 called intel graphics cards where si confirm there wil be an update for the demo released via steam at some stage tday. Any indication of when it will be released so i can get cracking wit the game.
  10. They said there would be an update for the demo for people with intel graphics cards to see if they resolved the 3d mode issue.
  11. Any word when this is gonna be released? Want to make sure 3d mode works before i take the plunge and buy the full game!
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