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  1. Yes, i use: V. Persie / Walcott - Huntelaar - Robben Dutch forward ;D Sometimes when Huntelaar doesn't seem to do the job, i put Walcott in for v. Persie and vice versa. I rather put in Persie cause he is a way better player than Walcott, and it works. Just make sure that IF YOU use Huntelaar (or another Striker who has basicly the best stats for finishing but lacks the rest), that the players around him are faster than your opponents defence. I'm not sure what you should do with Raul...
  2. After 14 Premier League matches with Arsenal, Huntelaar scored 37 goals, holy *****! I think around 20 Goals have been scored with the corner tactic, so its still impressive. Thanks mate.
  3. Lets see if this is a better tactic than Il Devasto, so far, no other tactic than Il Devasto has been working better with my Ajax.
  4. MR and ML, thats how i play in away games, it works better for the ball possession on midfield but my players often miss the connection to the strikers, so when im playing against a good club like madrid, i put 1 striker (the right one) to the AMC pos and let him function as a real Number 10, so that my midfielders can give him the ball at any time. ps: i now started a game with the spurs and this tactic doesnt seem to work lol, but ill keep on trying
  5. Hey minimalfuss, i would like to thank you for this tactic, im using it with ajax and hsv, i tweaked some settings to fit them for my players, i dragged the 2 wingers 1 line back, which results in 65-75% ball possession throughout the match. Thanks!
  6. Yea i just analyzed the positions of each player, my attacks are 90% successfull through the centre in combination with the left side, so im setting my right side some what more defensive and there are less counters now (also less chances for me) but it is a great thing to do if you want to balance this tactic
  7. This tactic sucks if you play against a team that has quicker players and counters.
  8. Normally i dont like using tactics other people make, but now i decide to use the unbeaten version (4-1-2-3) if im not mistaken, and it works like a charm in LLM, i expected it wouldnt cause of the creative freedom and high attack, but it works Promoted to Jupiler league (second division in the netherlands), and i beated a club from the eredivisie (First division and the highest) without a problem! thanks Mr Hough!
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