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  1. It has worked in previous versions as i've had one or two players listed there. But it doesn't seem to be working for me now, not since FM10.
  2. It may simply be due to the vast amount of teams involved in promotion/relegation and that FM can't handle them as perfect as possible. I'm sure i've read that it is an issue with the game and not the data so maybe check to see if it has been reported in the Bugs section, if not then start a thread about it.... Or ask RTC himself.
  3. You need to improve your 'youth scouting network' to get kids from further afield. The lower that is the more local your youth team players will be, increase it they come from further out. I'm not sure if it can go as far as Korea though.
  4. South American players

    Thats one of the best things about managing in Holland.
  5. Football Manager LAGS

    Could be the face's been generated.
  6. Football Manager LAGS

    When was your computer last formatted? I tend to not let mine go 6 months without a format as general use will bog down your computer over time. I just think that after removing the game and trying again with the problem persisting that the cause isn't actually the game and could be something else.
  7. Stadium Evacuated

    Great addition that!
  8. 5 Year Loan

    Does he have you as a favoured club/personnel at this point then?
  9. Blue Square Premier

    It took me two years to get promoted from the BSP but now i'm on a roll and got promoted to League One at the first time of asking. I'd disagree with Smith. I manage my financies fairly well but have, once or twice, gone over my wage budget until the next transfer window and we're still clear. I make up the extra money by slotting in one or two friendlies at the end of the season to rake in some much needed wonga (play them at home and get the highest profile clubs you can, I go for big local clubs to maintain realism). My highest wage now is £2.5k p/w and while I would never have dream't of paying this much for a player in the BSP my wage budget has increased massively through promotions. So, be frugal, but one or two big money players aren't a bad thing as long as they perform.
  10. Funny Screenshots Thread

    ^^ Cheeky bit not less than what happens in real life.
  11. Most outrageous wage demand?

    I'm the same as you about those clauses so I just remove them and increase the players and agents signing fee until they accept. I outright REFUSE these clauses and would rather sign someone else if backed into a corner.
  12. Yeah i'm aware of Icelandic naming procedures. Thanks for clearing that up though.
  13. That's the one! Horrible little **** to manage! Why is that?
  14. Holy crap that's a fine selection of players you have there.