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  1. Club Name: Benevolent FC Club Nickname: "All Whites" Club Colours: All White Badge Style (Plain, Stripes or Checks): Plain Manager Name: Baba Ginoosh Day/Month of Birth (all born in 1982): 10th of August Star Player Name: Marcel Henry Day/Month of Birth (all born in 1994): 25th of December Position (check availability): MC 2nd Position (if not GK): DC Stadium Name: The Cathedral
  2. Babaginoosh

    Welcome to Malta Challenge

    OK, this looks like something ill be interested in. Ill give it a shot.
  3. Babaginoosh

    dafuge's FM13 challenge

    Im in, more details coming as soon as i finish dl
  4. Babaginoosh

    CSE Fantasy Football Thread

    Just joined team name - blissful ignorance
  5. Babaginoosh

    [TM] Chairman Super League Game Thread

    Real life trumps all. Hope it all works out and we will see you soon.
  6. Players im surprised you didnt bring up: Samaras Mitroglou Samaras is arguable the second best forward on the team and Mitroglou is a poor mans ibrahimovic
  7. Im not afraid, ill announce my starting 11: Van Persie-------Huntelaar---------Robben -----------------Sneijder----------------- ----De Jong------------------Maduro----- Pieters---Heitinga----Bruma---van der Wiel ----------------Steklenburg--------------- Pulled Mathisjen off starting 11 because he is too slow and i needed someone to keep up with all the fast strikers. Kuyt might get in instead of Robben depending on how well he does in this setup. Left and right strikers require higher than average stamina and workrate because they will be covering alot of open space in the wings. Playng a 4-2-1-3 with 3 strikers up top and 2 dm's, super defensive because my defense is terrible. Unfortunately no room for VDV i would have loved him to get in but formation doesnt allow for it. Bring it baby, who can score on this formation
  8. Cant seem to make a shortlist on the save
  9. Babaginoosh

    CSE Euro 2012 - Sign Up

    Group C: Beating Greece and Sweden are very achievable, but i see Germany being a problem regardless of a default tactic. Holland should get through group stages
  10. Babaginoosh

    [TM's] San Marino Lottery - Game Thread

    Not good for tomaselli to be stuck on bench. Im hoping he gets loaned out or at least tutored by Pirlo which would be pretty boss
  11. Babaginoosh

    [TM's] San Marino Lottery - Game Thread

    Category 1: Ermenegildo Tomaselli (of course i had to vote for my guy) Category 2: Martino Trattare
  12. Looks like alot of average play from my midfielder :/
  13. Babaginoosh

    CSE Euro 2012 - Sign Up

    Ill do a friendly with portugal
  14. Babaginoosh

    CSE Euro 2012 - Sign Up

    Sorry, on its way as we speak