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  1. Hello I have completed an update on Editor of the recent transfers in England and the top leagues and was hoping all would be ready to play. I removed and added loans etc, but for some reason, some players remain on loan from 19/20 season when I have removed the loan in Editor. This has also happened for transfers, I have Aaron Mooy moved to Shanghai in Editor but in-game he is at Brighton still. Any ideas? Is it a bug? Any help would be appreciated!!
  2. Am I the only one who plays Godfrey as DM? Also how is Leitner doing for people?
  3. Not really got started on my Montpellier save due to work and family and couldn’t get into the save. I have now taken over Reims though. I like the players and the club philosophy of buying players with potential and moving them on for a lot more than they paid. Rajkovic and Maresic are already at the club and I’m targeting DM Cheickh Niasse of Lille and Agustin Almendra to add more quality, and in line with the club philosophy, more potential and youth. I’m not interested in the Marin, Arezo etc that are popular signings for everyone. Can anyone recommend players under 21 who have good potential that are not the usual suspects everyone signs? For example two other targets are Krepin Diatta and Odilon Kossounou both of Club Brugge and Kevin Ruegg of Zurich. I’m looking for players in leagues such as Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Scandanavia etc. I’d also recommend a player named Joilson who plays DM or anywhere across the midfield. 21yo Brazilian. Thanks 👍
  4. I’m gonna start an Auxerre save at some point and get them into Ligue 1. Amiens are another team I like the look of. However, I’m about to start as Montpellier. I’m going to play a front two of Delort and Laborde and may attempt to bring back Belhanda! Anyone had Fulgini? He may be a signing I will look to make
  5. I have several options for teams/games I want to play as. I like building teams through youth systems but I am struggling to begin one game as I have several teams I want to manage, as follows: Championship Birmingham - local to me, lots of youth and pace and reliance on building through youth teams. Blackburn - squad of players I like such as Dack, Nyambe, Armstrong and some good young players to break through and get a return to PL. Brentford - moneyball tactics like they employ IRL, buying quality from PL academies, lower league gems and develop the team with a view to moving into new stadium. Just a shame Ryan Woods has moved on! Norwich - Moritz Leitner pulling the strings, Nelson Oliveira banging in the goals and some good young players to build around in Max Aarons and Ben Godfrey. Preston - Ben Davies, Josh Earl gives a strong left side of defence at CB/LB respectively, a diamond midfield of Ben Pearson sitting, Ryan Ledson, Daniel Johnson in central areas and Josh Harrop in no10 role behind Callum Robinson. Reading - a stale team that needs a complete revamp in my view. Liam Moore is a good defender to build around and get some good talent around him. I also like the idea to build around the youth available such as Danny Loader, Andy Rinomhota, Omar Richards, Tom Holmes and more. League One Rochdale - Daniel Adshead mainly, Aaron Morley, Callum Camps. Walsall - Good width with Zele Ismail and Josh Ginnelly supplying Morgan Ferrier. League Two Cambridge - Leon Davies, Lee Watkins and lots of other youth to build around. Seems a big change from the days of Luke Berry, Barry Corr etc. Crewe - my usual save, lots of young talent to build around, sell on and replace. I am a big fan of Tom Lowery. Macclesfield - nothing of interest, only thing being that they are the worst team in EFL. Will be working on these saves initially...
  6. Has anyone had any luck getting a WP for Lautaro Martinez? Trying to sign him for West Ham but WP rejected!
  7. Cheers Jogo Bonito. I’m a longtime lurker of these threads and enjoy reading about how people are getting on. I will be playing a robust and direct style to Akinde (when he returns) and bring others into play from there. It’s a challenge but with the large amount of youth to blood, something I am looking forward to! Will give an update later hopefully!
  8. I have decided to take the reigns at Barnet again as I do every FM. There is no money and I am going with the players, in particular the young players, that I have in the squad with the addition of the odd player on loan. Barnet have a decent squad and I am looking forward to trying to develop so of the young talent by giving them as much game time as possible and trying to build a team with those that do well. A quick overview of the squad: In goal, we have a good no1 in Jamie Stephens and a good solid backup in Craig Ross However, I have Kai McKenzie-Lyle, 19yo and standing at 6'7'' tall ready to take over during the course of the season or next season at the latest and be no1 for a long-time. Kai's brother Renell is in the youth team but is not as good nor as tall as Kai. My two starting fullbacks, right back Richard Brindley and left back Elliott Johnson, are injured long-term. At left back there is sufficient cover in David Tutonda and Andre Blackman who is pacier than Tutonda. They will battle it out in pre-season to be the starter in place of Johnson. At right back, I could drop Mauro Vilhete back from the wing to cover for Brindley but I am going to give the chance to 16yo Dwight Pascal to earn some playing time. Able to play at right back or centre back, he is one of the best young players at the club and a very exciting prospect. At centre back, Ricardo Santos will be someone I will be looking to build the defence around. Barring injury, he will be playing every week. Alongside him, Charlie Clough likely gets the nod but we have a veteran leader in Michael Nelson as an alternative. Youngsters Darnell Smith, and in particular Joe Payne, will be given a shot where possible too. Payne is a left footed centre half which is something I like for balance. We also have a decent left back prospect named Loic Hernandez who I will be hoping to give a chance to where possible. I will also be getting Nelson to tutor one of the young lads. In midfield, there is the experienced Curtis Weston in the middle, along with Ryan Watson and two youngsters in Jack Taylor and Nana Kyei. Taylor is the best young player at the club and will be the main man in midfield to build our shape around him. Kyei is versatile and we also have a young lad named Wesley Fonguck who is a defensive midfield/ball winning type who will also be given opportunities this season. I am also keen to try develop two further youth team players in Tobi Coker and a very intriguing German/Ghanaian youngster named Ivan Agyaakwah. As mentioned above, Mauro Vilhete will be my starting right winger and I will be looking to bring in a loan player for the left side. We have an abundance of young attacking midfielders/wingers but none play naturally from the left. Decent youngster Ephron Mason-Clark will be around the first team, likely on the bench initially. I will be hoping some of the youth, such as Malaki Hinckson-Mars, Funmaya Shomotun, Dan Francis, Arale Mohamed and Rio Connell develop. Sadly, our main man, striker John Akinde is out injured for the first few months of the season. He will be a big miss. We do have ex-Tottenham prospect Shaquille Coulthirst who has recently signed and I looking to pair him with Akinde when he returns. Experienced non-league goalscorer Dave Tarpey has recently signed too and will be the primary back up. I may look to bring in another striker on loan but also have more youngsters available who are worth a shot. Benjy Aghadiuno will definitely be given some game time, he looks like a good prospect. Another is Javaan Campbell to keep an eye on too in the u18's. Two players I have identified as potential loan signings are right back Richard Bakary and striker Olufela Olomola both with bags of pace and both from Southampton's u23 squad. I have mentioned the younger players a lot and that is something I want to build at Barnet - a young, attack-minded, pacey, athletic team. I will update this where real-life commitments lets me!
  9. Just a quick one on Wolves, does anyone play Costa, Jota and Cavaleiro behind Bonatini in a 4-2-3-1?
  10. Just started with Leeds. No signings, giving the youth a chance where needed such as McKay at CB to cover Jansson. Beat Bolton 5-1 in first game, Alioski with a hat-trick and then beat Lincoln 4-2 in the cup. Played Preston and they equalised in the 92nd min. Need a new striker and hoping Ekuban can start scoring too. I'm playing Saiz just off him, Alioski on the right and Hernandez on the left and they are a danger every game.
  11. Can someone tell me if this is an issue with my laptop (it's a quad core i7 with a top Nvidia graphics card) or is it because the game is still beta?
  12. Match Engine - mine is moving at the correct speed but is quite flickery. My laptop is only 18 months old and powerful and I got 5* 3D graphics capability... Anyone else having same problem or is it my laptop?
  13. How are people getting on with Henriksen? I like him in the game and IRL and hoping to get round to a Hull save eventually!
  14. Standard 4-4-2 Sargeant (Cisak was poor in pre-season) Judd, Clark, Parkes, Kennedy Massey, Alzate/Collins, Kelly, Koroma (I swap Massey and Koroma mid-game occasionally). Adeboyejo, Abrahams Play quick, direct, attacking or control football and depending on who I'm playing, I play on the counter.
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