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  1. Season 1 completed : it was a very easy season in the league tbh , if i had sorted my tactic at the start of the season i think i could have not lost a game Trasfers : not alot of action as it wasnt needed. brought in taarabt as im a huge fan of him and he slotted in to the way i wanted things to happen on the pitch and run amok on the field Player of the season was andre grey , he was a machine upfront : cups : i wasn't to fazed and played my youth squads and didn't do any good just started season 2 and brought in a heap of new players im gonna aim for a top 7 spot, big ask but i think the tactic and players will sort it easy will update at end of season
  2. will update with everything when season is done but in season 3 now and starting to dream of that euro cup : No Surrender
  3. if someone would make a Leicester Thread?? , i would put have no idea how to do all the pictures and stuff lol
  4. just finish 1st season with leeds , didnt make any signings , had a take over during the season and got next to no money ffs , here is the table and the play off final what a ending : Bring on the EPL
  5. in my palace game stoke got relegated and then a tycoon took over and a very rich tycoon haha
  6. season 2 ....well it didnt go anywhere near to plan ...nor did i finish it , after 21 games in the epl i was sacked i had only won 2 games and out of the carling and fa cups ...but still in europe after getting through to the KO stage . i can only put it down to the squad being unhappy cause of all the signings i made, as i stuck by the tactic and didnt change it once. i took the job at swindon town they were midtable i cam in and plugged my tactic in and only lost once and stormed the league easy and won it finishing 1st ...now for league 1 ....all the best with ya palace game cjgoodsell
  7. right , season 1 is finished and 10 games into season 2 , here is how im going: here is the table for season 1 : i messed around trying to make an awesome tactic , i did do that but injurys killed me big time and that reulted in moving down the table after being 4th-5th most of the season.... Here are some of the results good and and bad as in i wanted to throw the pc off the balcony lol and for the result where i got abit angry Carling cup Run : was pleased with how we went FA CUP : GET IN LADS PALACE ARE IN EUROPE Transfers season 1 : my tactic/plug&play : so all round result im very happy , winning the fa cup was huge , so far in season 2 ive brought in 6 or so players and im doing very well in europe as ive got through the group stage so far , will upload more as season finish . cheers
  8. nice thread lad , ive got a Palace game going atm , will post some updates soon
  9. always been a huge fan of ya tactics mate , will give this ago , cheers lad
  10. Season 3 update : league table for season 3 . pretty happy with the finish got a decent place on table still letting heaps in but im a ill score 4 you have 2 kinda guy haha Cup Run : i think the whole street herd me go mental Transfers : just finished season 4 its been my best season on any save for fm 15 so far . will upload screen shots this week sometime
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