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  1. I would have under 9 as bad, 9 and 10 ok, 11 and 12 good, 13+ excellent.
  2. I've noticed the same. Seems a peculiarity of this years edition. I would put it down to players with higher attributes trying riskier passes and worse players playing simpler ones- irrespective of your instructions.
  3. You do get a slight boost in board confidence for winning a cup (even if it is not important to the board) but it's not a lot. I'd guess you'd need to stay within 5 or 6 points of the top 5. Or you might just get fired while in second when a consortium takes over.
  4. Doesn't really take that long to get to that situation. I was about 13 years in as Everton manager in FM 2016 and Arteta was challenging for the league as manager of Hull. Jagielka and Baines were or at least had been premier league managers as well.
  5. They're always training in one position/role (it determines what attributes to focus on). So if you don't want them learning a new position then select one they already know.
  6. I guess they don't know exactly what position someone is going to play or even what formation opponents are using before the game. Sounds realistic to have made the change.
  7. On the question of TIs I think it changes the percentages slightly but not as much you would like. I guess having an option of for example focus slightly more down the wings and focus a lot more down the wings same with types of crosses, number of long shots etc might be useful. I guess creative freedom and decision making come into it too. With high creative freedom maybe if they think a high cross is a better plan they'll do it even if you said otherwise. Not exactly sure all the effects of the be more disciplined selection.
  8. Not sure if it could be considered a bug or just something that is beyond the realms of the current AI but there are way too many times a shot or clearance hits a teammate. In real life it is a comical event not a regular thing. Seems like teammates don't anticipate these occurring- that person behind me is probably going to shoot or clear so I should move away from directly in front of him. Obviously mishit shots and clearances could be different and I'm not saying it should never happen, just not so often. So would like feedback on if there is anything that can be done about it. Has anyone raised this issue previously? Is there any point giving examples of when/how often this happens?
  9. It's a bit of an unusual situation as teams/players in South Africa are fairly similar ability in both divisions. Anyway so I had a player go on loan to a premier division team. Next season he was back so doesn't make sense to suggest he would struggle to do as well in a lower division. I guess it is just a generic question but it should take into account league strengths and if strength is lower now be rephrased somehow.
  10. I'd suggest playing the touch version then you don't have to worry about most of the player morale fluff too. you also don't have to worry about tactical familiarity and training is done in a simpler way (and for you although you can change things). It has an autoresult button you can use when coming up to games. You can choose a match plan- go for a draw, try to sneak a win, try to smash them etc. If you choose you can go into more detail by telling the assistant to change tactics under certain condition (go defensive if ahead by 2 after 60 minutes) but it's not necessary. You can then watch the highlights or goals after the game. You will also get through seasons much faster with less media and player interactions so can focus on the squad building. Once you have watched enough highlights and feel comfortable in changing tactics between games you might start wanting to do so during the game. Good Luck!
  11. Yeah Clear Cut Chances stat has been a disaster for years and seemingly getting worse and worse. I wonder if it's only taking into account what happens at point when shot is struck. So for example a player is through on goal with no defenders around but then as he shoots the goalkeeper has closed him down well it would be considered not a good chance. Similar thing for if a player receives a cross in space but miscontrols it and by the time he shoots a defender is nearby. I don't really have much of an explanation for why so many what look like very good chances are not being tallied as such.
  12. Brendan Galloway should get a downgrade. Becomes a regular England international in FM16 and 17 but can't get a game on loan at West Brom in real life.
  13. I gave the context. Counter gets a lot of players forward to strike on the break. Why would I want to send a lot of players forward when I only need to see out 2 minutes of play? Backing the way you are currently playing is also meaningless because you can totally dominate (opposition having 0 shots on target for 80 minutes) but then that tactic is somehow totally useless when the opposition changes to whatever ridiculous formation/style they play when chasing the game.
  14. It's a nightmare. In my current save in South African first division now only 5 of the other 15 teams play with any wide midfielders or wingers, they are all compact in midfield. My wide midfielders of course stay too wide so opponents dominate possession and win just about every second ball. Doesn't help that instructions such as clear to wings and focus attacks right/attack seem to have no effect.
  15. Answering 4) When I score in the 90th minute to take a 1 goal lead- what would be the logical change? Defend, contain, control- doesn't matter, they don't listen. Last game changed to very deep defensive line and don't close down. Passing to short and low tempo. 93rd minute My winger has it in the corner just needs to keep position or pass it backwards. Instead he crosses into the middle where there is 1 attacker and 5 defenders. One headed clearance and a long ball over the top (because of course my defenders are practically on the halfway line despite all above and one defender being set to cover) and it is 3-3.