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  1. i just got my updated team of the year and all of the players in the starting lineup for overall one are still at the club. Not had much need to wheel and deal. Gave Barkley a final year- he didn't play much last year but got a key goal and assist in a 2-2 draw in the fa cup final which was won on penalties. Butland and Roberts might be moved on. Butland is on pretty high wages for a backup and Roberts is only my third choice striker. Finally got the double and lowest goals conceded in a season achievement. Might try hold on for 20 seasons and try to get to top of hall of fame if possible but Ferguson is a long way away.
  2. Seems it's based on board expectations. If you are a crap team in a big competition you aren't suddenly going to have all low star players.
  3. Bayern Munich are the best team in the league and hearts were second best. So both were pretty much doing as expected. That's not the same as someone doing way better than expected for 18 months and getting sacked.
  4. Yeah i was going to say neither look that good but I would never play a striker with jumping as low as 10.
  5. This is the least useful comment imaginable. If he's beating Sociedad and Newcastle with an Irish team he's clearly not bad at the game. No need for the condescension. What are your amazing achievements which make you God of FM.
  6. I'm on 2016 I think and also every time they reject upgrading the training facility. My team has the highest rep in England and 10th overall. My clubs net worth is at times the highest in the world but they feel like no improvement is needed despite a bank balance of 300m.
  7. I think it depends on manager reputation compared to squad level. The first 5 or so times I did it they responded badly. After that all bar 1 time they responded well and that was the time the asst manager recommended one about 2 weeks after previous one.
  8. I think this year attributes are far more important than how comfortable they are. I've played central midfielders as full backs a lot and I have a full back with good jumping/heading/tackling who I have played as a centre back, defensive midfielder and central midfielder and he does fine in all of those with little to no familiarity.
  9. Yeah BBM has 20 attributes. It's a bit strange that so many more are judged/described as best suited to be a DLP playmaker than ball winning midfielder though as both have 12.
  10. Lost a game 5-3 vs Man City which doesn't sound too bad. But I was 3-1 up at half time and had a 1 goal lead from the first leg (CCC semi final) so they needed 4 in the second half to go through. Which they got of course.
  11. Yes a lot is due to player reputation. After winning his first 2 trophies (Euro cup and FA Cup) one of my younger players value went up over 10m in those few weeks. He didn't really do all that much prior to that (12 goals 16 assists over 3 seasons) so it's understandeable that he would have been under the radar and then people taken a closer look after featuring in those 2 high profile matches and being likely to play in the champions league the next season.
  12. Seems easier than ever to get a lot of quality English players because they are signed by the top teams and eventually someone better is bought so they are transfer listed. Had 6 of my players involved in the last England game Gk-Butland RB- Walker-peters Cb- Galloway (bought back from Man U) DM- Lewis Cook (bought from Man C) CF- Tom Harrison (Newgen) AM- Barkley (off bench) John Stones is also on the transfer list at Man U. Has about 110 caps at age 30 but no takers. I guess the 230k per week wages was a stumbling block.
  13. You could check out Matheus Pereira. I bought him for 25m then sold him for 60. He's also very good as a left winger and can play in the center so you can give your youngster chances to play on the right sometimes. I can also second Embolo. I preferred him playing on the right to up front. He never seems to give the ball away either through sloppy passes or getting tackled. Always charges up field and either shoots or sets up a chance for someone else.
  14. I'd also really like to see the co-efficients.