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  1. Home grown is an issue at City, the first thing I did was ask the board to up the youth recruitment budget (which they happily accepted as producing our own players is one of my philosophies I'm being judged on). I also brought Kieran Trippier back to the club from Burnley, cost me £12m but he is 'club home grown' so ticks 2 boxes. Ended up selling Jovetic, Navas, Kolorov and Dzeko to raise funds and to free up space and brought in Trippier, Baines and Depay (the latter 2 for big money over 48 months) and promoted Iheanocho and have Barker and Ambrose around the fringes of the squad. Hopefully, theyll turn out to be decent squad players at the very least. The Champions League win was very unexpected as we had to get through Arsenal and Juventus to reach final. But in both ties we took the opposition apart away from home leaving them with little chance of turning it around (something I have always tried to do in europe). Still some way behind you but hoping over the next few months there's two managers who can say they have taken City and overtaken SAF.
  2. As a life long City fan I have been following this thread quietly as I havent had much time to play FM the last few months. Now I have been able to get into the game again this last week or so I decided to have a go at this myself. First season I managed to win the league, FA cup and Champions League treble along with the Community Shield. We beat Chelsea to the league on the last day, then beat them in the FA Cup final a week later. Finally demolished Barcelona 6-1 in the Champions League final!!! Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration!!
  3. Thanks for the reply Jambo, thats my evening commute home reading sorted!!
  4. Jambo, which version of your 4-5-1 are you using currently? I put together my own 4-5-1, with some success. But wondered if I could replicate yours so I could watch how it plays and see what differences there are in the systems as I cant for the life of me get a CM(a) or the WM to perform to such an extent as you have managed.
  5. What set piece instructions do u use? I've tried loads of combinations that I think should work in theory without success. Im pretty much had to settle to just making sure I don't concede on the counter with a very defensive set up up
  6. So to my update with screenshots (hopefully) My tactic, the 4-5-1. I wanted support from my fullbacks with the WM's funneling inside to hit the space created by the F9, with the added bonus of the CM(a) joining in (but in all honesty I havent got that part working how I want just yet, but I have a few more ideas I want to try before the season has ended). The DLP is the starting point of many if not all my attacks and rarely gives possession away whilst the B2B gives me both some defensive cover and an added option going forward. The mentality and some of the TI's are amended depending on the situation, but Standard is my starting point for most games as I feel it gives the most flexibility. We have been performing to my expectations to be honest, although conceding more than I'd like: F|ixtures so far, with the undoubted highligh of beating Atletico home and away in the Copa del Rey: My apologies if those dont work or are messed up in some way its a long time since I've tried doing that.
  7. Apologies that this wont be as comprehensive as some of the posters in this thread, I'm not used to this!! I wanted to post an update, but will (try) and add screenshots when I get home. I signed Lucas Romero and Pavel Savitsky as my permanent signing and brought Raul Neves in on loan to add some youth to my midfield. I'm just about to come to the end of January and it's been good so far (actually the first save I've actually had a lot of enjoyment out of, anyway I digress). We currently sit 3rd, level on points with 4th place Barca (with Real running away with the league and Atlectico 2nd). Have just had an 18 game unbeaten run ended by a shocking performance at home to Levante, where 2 set pieces caught us with our collective pants down. That made it 3 defeats so far this season, all of them in the league (previous 2 were to Real and Barca early on in the campaign). We are into the Copa del Rey Semi's after deservedly beating Atletico 2-1 both home and away and topped our Europa League group with maximum points. My base, which is slightly adapted dependant on the situation is: Counter / Fluid GK(s) WB(s) CB(d) CB(d) WB(s) WM(A) DLP(d) CM(a) B2B(s) WM(a) F9(s) with TI's - shorter passing, work ball into box, play out of defence, low crosses, push higher up, close down more, prevent GK distribution
  8. 451, just the formation I've been playing around with using City, which I have just about got working the way I want, so will have to see if I can adapt it to fit the players Villarreal have. I've had a few cracks at Spain in previous games but never had a go with the yellow submarines, should be fun!!
  9. Hi Jambo, I'd love to get involved. Having read a lot of threads on here and having had a few saves playing with various tactics and roles this would be a good chance to put my tinkering to some use. I dont get to play everyday anymore due to family commitments but I do tend to get a few nights a week if that is acceptable?
  10. Fair enough, thought it worth asking. I'll have a look at the links, thanks for replying
  11. Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help me? I currently looking at replacing my old desktop with a laptop, my main uses will be FM and streaming films and such to my TV (so a HDMI output would be handy). Ideally I want to be able to load all available leagues and a large db to give myself the whole FM world experience. No particular budget in mind but I suppose under £500 would be ideal!! Thanks in advance
  12. Just a quick update for you Mr Rosler. Won everything in my second season with Real (La Liga, Copa del Rey & Champions League). Only lost 4 games all season (1 in the league before Copa del Rey semi final v Barca and the other 3 were in second legs of comps where the tie was effectively won so the kids got a run out). Third season was exactly the same in terms of the losses!! Managed to win everything available Supercopa, Euro Super Cup, World Club Cup, La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League. We went on numerous 30+ unbeaten streaks scoring bucket loads and conceding very little. Once again superb work mate!!! Now onto turning my beloved Man City from also rans under AVB to the dominant force in world football
  13. Well my luck has finally turned!! Been beaten 3 games out of 4, away to Espanyol, Barcelona (Copa Del Rey) and Inter. Where my players suddenly seem to have forgotten how to play the scintillating football they had produced up to the end of January. God this game is frustrating
  14. The 1 draw was a last 92nd minute penalty after dominating the game and missing a number of good chances. Still unbeaten with a 100% record in the league coming up to the end of January
  15. Hi Mr Rosler, First off may I say thankyou!! Your hard work has allowed me to have an enjoyable save on this incarnation of the game where I was struggling majorly beforehand. In my latest save I won everything there was to be won with AC Milan using SS & RM but got offered the Real Madrid job in 2024 so decided to take it on and after an OK first season there I changed to your DOM set, which I have to say are head and shoulders the best tactic set I have ever used. Now, I know I'm Real but my squad is a reasonably young one with a smattering of experience here and there, and I of course expected to be challenging for everything, but..... well I'll let the pictures do the talking!!! Fixtures so far - http://imageshack.com/a/img560/7651/7hxw.jpg League table at the winter break stage - http://imageshack.com/a/img541/1218/72xf.jpg Squad - http://imageshack.com/a/img833/4720/h0ro.jpg Hope the screenshots work and thanks once again!!
  16. I started a game unemployed and got offered the West Ham job at the end of season 1 after Big Sam failed to get them promoted. Long story short, I won the Championship playing a 442 of my own. After promotion i decided that my back 4 werent good enough to play without some cover, saw this and thought it ticked all the boxes. Anyway, ended my first seson in the Prem as League Cup Winners and Premier League Champions!!! For a newly promoted team that is amazing!! Dont get me wrong i was given a decent amount of money to make my team competitive but didnt expect anything like this!! http://www.gamefront.com/files/21746142/West+Ham+Prem+Winners.jpg
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