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  1. this, or changing his value after the second bid. or negotiating 15million at the second bid, or however much you value him at
  2. there's plenty of info about, if you look in the right places. but guaranteed there's lots of trial and error too! i tend to just leave the players training how i want them to train or offer a new contract, im the manager what i say goes!
  3. hope this works didn't really work, damn, at least something appeared tho lol
  4. im playing as inter, second game of the season for me after starting a new game, i've just played atletico madrid in the european super cup, it went to extra time and i won 2-1. i made three subs, 2 in the 70th minute and 1 in the 90th minute, they made 3 subs, 1 in 45th minute, 1 in the 62nd minute and 1 in the 75th minute, both teams finished with 11 men, although mine the end of the game were alot of knackered old gits!! from the second half onwards my ass man was telling me to hard tackle and close down, show onto weaker foot some of their players as the match progressed!! i assume they were doing the same to my players, that's football!
  5. its quite easy to notice, because your ass man will be telling you to do the same
  6. change of tune that, make your mind up, fact or theory? i take it you couldn't find any evidence then? if i was you and the computer was trying to injure one of my players, pesky little computer, i'd take a hammer and smash the crap out of it, that would teach it!!
  7. are we not allowed to disagree with you? are we not allowed an opinion? are injuries not a part of football? if you use all 3 subs in a match, with a substantial amount of time left, of course there is more chance of ending the match with 10 men!!! go get ur gamehacking buddies or your mum, whoever, to tell you you're always right!! and by the way, "trigger" is a character in "only fools and horses", go figure. he had a low iq too!!
  8. if your 6-0, the other team may be losing their discipline, a good way to check this is to look at the opponents motivation menu. when you slow the tempo down you are giving the opposition more chances to tackle your players because the players will be keeping the ball longer, a better way to take it easy would be to increase time wasting.
  9. i would expect them to not be as good at tackling in the lower leagues, generally everything is decreased and decreasing the lower you go!!
  10. the only trigger is, the ai may start targeting your players with harder tackles and closing down more often in the last 10 or 20 minutes of the match as your players get tired. i dont believe there are any equations involved, just competitive tactics!
  11. just dont open fmrte, his stats will only be frozen if fmrte is loaded
  12. VIRTUALLY UNBEATABLE!! i think you'll find real madrid only have about 3 players with a ca over 180 and about 5 players with a pa over 180. do you never find that for some reason you alwys win most friendlies, i do, no matter who you play!
  13. yes, it will be frozen, wont go up or down, there really is no need to use it imo. As if you make a player with 200ca, he will be plenty good enough as long as you increase the right sats for the position he plays in. any team full of players with 180ca plus will be virtually unbeatable!!
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