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  1. you could start managing a second team in belgium, manage two teams at once, i do this in serie a. im currently managing fiorentina and ac milan or maybe you could inject a load of cash into the clubs....
  2. this is not about editing or cheating!! i've not progressed more than a couple of seasons so far in fm 2011, but i was just wondering: has anyone ever created a starting 11 where everyone one has a ca of 170 plus?
  3. 11.3 Patch

    yep, if you start a new game torres will be at chelsea in august 2010
  4. 11.3 Patch

    some things aren't save game compatible, like transfers, but some things are, like improvements to the me
  5. Spurs not in reserve league

    you might get an option to enter them?
  6. Man city Advice?

    id go 433, with inside att forwards, tevez on the right, aguero on the left and dzeko as a poacher upfront, have hamsik as cover for tevez and aguero, or use him in the midfield and would seriously consider signing gonzalo higuin for an all argentinian att!!
  7. Damn Finances *shakes fist*

    hmmmm, im at ac milan where we're losing about £1.5 million a month anyway sell the players you really dont think you need, same with staff but let their contracts run out, then invest in promising players and only sell for good profit, it all sounds so easy
  8. just make sure ur not too harsh!! give credit where its due and discipline for sendings off, and say poor performances are unacceptable!!
  9. Feeder ultimatums

    i mostly use, the financial benefits of this will really help the club grow
  10. do you still get tv money aswell?
  11. i think we would all love to go back to the days when we were kids, but what would the megafacepack look like?
  12. good question, but the influence would only count on a football pitch, he'll still take time to settle and integrate into the team
  13. Two footed goalkeepers

    no, two hands is better tho, train ppm avoids using weaker foot and ur away........
  14. should we all be born and have careers as footballers before we can become a football manager then? :>
  15. this, or changing his value after the second bid. or negotiating 15million at the second bid, or however much you value him at