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  1. Here are my suggestions: 1) New staff - Gardener (affect pitch quality), psychologist (affect player morale and possibly mental stats), marketing manager (affect sponsoring, shirt sales). 2) More detailed information about Merchandising - I sometime see that a free agent player will grant me millions in shirts but that information is not displayed anywhere else other than the report tab of the said player. 3) Ability to have a contract pre-drafted for agents who ask you to provide a first offer (by your assistant manager for example). 4) The ability to have multiple shortlists. Example: I keep tabs of the development of a few hundred of players. Of thoses hundred of players, I spot maybe 10 that could be worldclass, I'd like to be able to keep them on another shortlist. Could also be used for many other purposes. 5) Youth Academies. You did it in Football Manager Live and although it was not perfect, I felt it was a really nice addition. Top clubs could build academies in foreign countries in exchange for youth intakes. 6) Youth Development/intake specialization. Choose which profile you would like to generate from your academies (strong, technical, defensive, offensive profiles). It would increase the number of youths that fits this profile. Also there are too many good players that leave their clubs and become free agents. I can always get players that cost dozens of millions on a free transfer each year (and I am often the only one interested in them).
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