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  1. Great read. FM isn't just a game after all. I'm sure many real life football managers play it in one way or another...
  2. Yes I find it difficult to believe as well... hence the reason i'm sharing this experience. He is a key player at the time and I guess he did feel he deserved to start every match - too bad so sad because he'd be dead tired if he did. I didn't keep tab on the progress until I got the notice that the promise wasn't "kept". I also had a squad status "back up" 19 yo Lewis Cook who started in quite a few games while subbing in others... came to me and asked for more first team football. Head scratches, I guess he was very ambitious and I loaned him out to save the trouble.
  3. I have a 27 men squad, 3 people are complaining, so I do okay managing expectations but that isn't the point.
  4. The thing is, you can't afford to start him every single game because of in game fitness issue when you have games to play every 3 days (Euro, league, cups). Of course managing expectations is part of the game, but sometimes it seems to get to a point where it is ridiculous. Nobody, even in real life I'd imagine, would expects to play every single games which includes lower level cup games.
  5. I do believe it is a problem where too many players moan, and extremely hard to please. Fellaini asked for more football on Oct 23, I had 2 months to give him more games. My team had 11 games in between, he started in 7 of the games... and he comes to me and said promise not kept. I could not possibly start him in every single games, 1, due to conditioning, 2, my other players would then cry for lack of football.
  6. FM16: Good Goalkeepers

    You can actually offer them his compensation money and they will accept... forgot if it was 600k or 1mil.
  7. I also get frustrated when strikers with over 15 finishing can't score a tap in. Now some problems might be due to tactical settings but I've been reading the threads that there is indeed something wrong with the ME, particularly glitches in defenders movements and decisions. Have to say i'm not surprised by this because FM is always broken until the 2nd patch. I would suggest taking a break from the game until the patch is out... which I would assume is around xmas time like in previous years.
  8. FM16: Good Midfielders

    Yes he exists, 17 yo, everything is under 10 pretty much except physicals at start.
  9. I'm surprised that some names are not on the list - most notably the korean messi with all the hype he has gotten.
  10. FM16: Good Midfielders

    You have Zivkovic counted twice there But I agree, Schaub is immense. I think his versitiliy is the best asset... also don't have to compete with clubs for his signing unlike Luan (Schaub comes at lower potential of course)... Late SS but here he is:
  11. FM16: Good Defenders

    Name: Daniel Díaz Age: 36 Nationality: Argentina Club: Boca Junior Position: CB Value: £100k (don't recall exactly) Sale Value: £100k (or free to join in Jan 2016) Work Permit Needed?: Yes but gets Despite his age and obvious weaker physicals, hes got immense mental and technical attributes. rated 3.5 stars with leicester at start. Doesn't ask for much wages.. great keep as tutor afterwards.
  12. FM16: Good Youngsters

    after the update, Luka Jovic and Ramadan Sobhy seems to get the WP more easily now
  13. Well imo there is absolutely no incentive/ advantages for a first day purchase. This isn't an MMORPG where getting a head start will render you better in game. So play the demo on release day and decide if you like it... then buy afterwards. Only thing this affects might just be first day sales.
  14. I have this issue with GK... set to distribute to defense but ends up always hitting to the other side and giving away possession. Plays controlled, short passing, low tempo, play out of defense only. I don't watch full game and highlight only - obviously when I see my GK does this on the ME, it is always a goal - for the opponent...
  15. FM16: Good Midfielders

    Name: Louis Schaub Age: 20 Nationality: Austrian Club: SK Rapid Wien Position: AMC / AMRL Value: £2-3M Sale Value: £5.5million Work Permit Needed? No Potential wonderkid... 4 stars with Leicester scouts Thanks Lewis... edited my post