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  1. My team is highly professional, all players support me, many of them have me as favorite manager and still whole team is nervous. And my assistant always use prove point, their reaction is always green but their effort on pitch is mediocre. Every game im first to concede then they fire up and try to score.
  2. I have assistant with even better stats and still whole team is nervous.
  3. Touchline team talks are just spam demand more and praise after scoring.
  4. Just spam demand more and praise after goal and you will be fine. Its a bit tedious but you will win all games.
  5. I really dont care if some footballer is gay or not. I dont want it either in fm.
  6. First you say In game, I personally hire staff on their effectiveness to do the job. Irrespective of their gender, colour, nationality or sexuality. Then We haven't seen a top player come out as gay and don't see top clubs employing black managers Maybe there is no good enough black managers
  7. After every game you get screen with players and their ratings from last game. After every game i warn players for bad performance with 6.2 or lower rating and results are very good. They either get +1 determination or work rate. Rodrgiuez got +4 determination and Romagnoli +3 in 3 years.
  8. I set nicknames for coaches, like what section of training will they train.
  9. I talked to him and he is happy to wait for his chance
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