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  1. I play with AC Milan and became their legend after won 3rd cl trophy. Now in 2021 there are around 10 of my players milan legends. You just need to have success.
  2. How come none of my players want to become staff after retirement, when I go to talk to them 'suggest future staff role' is greyed out on all players. I have in my team 6,7 players that are over 33 years.
  3. Did he asked for new contract and you rejected him?, if that is the case his agent hates you, tell him to sack agent and try offering contract again.
  4. Tutoring.

    My players can be tutors when they are 23 y old. And my players are on individual focus and can still be tutored if you mean training focus when you said individual training.
  5. I have 1 coupon pm me i will send you my steam offer link and we will trade for free.
  6. DoF Attributes

    Determination, Judging ability and potenc, motivation, man management.
  7. Highest transfer offers?

    5m is not huge money in serbia
  8. i dont think that population matter much, usually i accept china and usa offered teams
  9. he can give good advices in that areas in backroom advice but he cant coach or anything else
  10. I use geniescout, and noticed that regen staff have all 10's for their hidden personality attributes, will that att's improve or stay like that. Did anyone had any regen staff that developed into great staff members?
  11. go to fmbase, there are much better tactics
  12. Thank you, I thought i must reach fluid so I was concerned, but its ok now.
  13. For the love of god can someone tell me, having in mind that my tactic is not fluid, should i continue into competitive matches with slider all left and focus on tactic, or reduce slider to right and maybe leave tactic only until all areas are fluid.