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  1. It would be hard to adapt to new version if they fix all, so they need to do it gradually. :D
  2. You can focus their training to develop attributes needed for role they are playing in your tactic, but still they will maybe develop few attributes that are not needed that much but its not that bad.
  3. Training new position wont use their potential. I have a lot of regens i developed into top players and my advice would be give them playing time.
  4. I had same problem with kessie, they will eventually accept to negotiate new contract.
  5. Because they dont want You to own game, they want to rent the game to you. You may think you own game when you buy it off steam but if you read their terms of service they can cancel you account any time and you will lost all games. That is why gog is superior over steam anytime and many honest developers choose gog over steam. And Im not going into DRM stuff which is slowing games down.
  6. get it now so you can get to know all bugs that will be transferred to fm20
  7. What is the point to report it when it was reported 200 times and still not fixed.
  8. They never complain when you change their status.
  9. Lol key player expect 60%, even my rotation players complain when they play 60%.
  10. It happened to me that I bought model citizen regen at age of 22 and my team didnt affect him a bit. He stayed that way and became leader of my team. It was in Milan save btw.
  11. first option is remove, second option is remove forever from discussion
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