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  1. No but the 2nd teams are. Got a bit mixed up with the question before. They should be playable in the final release if I can get it working correctly.
  2. Just letting people know I have been keeping an eye on the thread, and have been working on the file Just incase people were worried that this had been forgotten about.
  3. Could someone please reupload the player database?
  4. I was planning on releasing it not long after I posted this. I put it in the download section as I saw other projects that werent finished in here too. I havent been able to finish this yet. I have all the teams and leagues created, I just need to adjust attendances and budgets.
  5. Im not sure when the full release will be. I need to do some more research into the PDL as to their transfer structure.
  6. No only MLS, NASL and USL right now.
  7. The Amateur leagues will be added in time. I have no date on a final version. I will keep releasing new versions untill it is complete, thats all I can say. And yes I believe you will get news on squad moves, but am not 100%.
  8. Once the editor is open, on the left you will see different types of data you can edit, e.g clubs and people. Click on a category and search using the bar at the top It appears empty untill you either use the filter or search keywords. Then data will show up
  9. How is this coming along mate?
  10. Welcome to the next level of Football Manager. You will now be able to manage the best U21 teams in England. The structure reflects real life, with an added promotion/relegation between level 2 and 3. This update will contain 3 levels, alongside the real life England leagues. These leagues are: Barclays Under 21 Premier League Division One (12 teams, 2 relegation places) Barclays Under 21 Premier League Divison Two (12 teams, 2 promotion places, 3 relegation places) Barclays U21 Professional Development League (20 teams, 2 regional groups, group winners promoted, 4 team promotion playoff) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015%E2%80%9316_Professional_U21_Development_League Coming soon...
  11. Taken from the NASL 2015 Wiki- "The Championship, culminating with Soccer Bowl 2015, was contested by the winners of the spring and fall seasons hosting the next best two teams in the full year regular season table." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_North_American_Soccer_League_season#2015_NASL_Playoffs
  12. In the competition stage, you change "Other competition to use"
  13. I have had to rebuild the US open cup. However I dont want Canadian teams to enter. How would I go about excluding them from the competition?
  14. This has been implimented into the next version.
  15. When I did it, I had a crash. I think it is related to the cup. You can try it and holiday forward to see how it goes though. As I am not sure weither it was that causing the crash. I was going to wait untill I remake the cup on a later release to include them, but feel free to try