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  1. Your worst flop ever?

    sergio arguero for everton paid 60 m up front in cash , first game against blackburn he gets rating of 5.63. against sunderland?3.4 :'(
  2. Unbelievable

    I'm currently manageing everton in 2012 and managed to get carlos tevez and david villa for everton , afther beating man city , chelsea , liverpool , arsenal and man utd on job security it says my job is insecure!!!!!!
  3. [FM10] As great a manager as Clough not yet but maybe.

    I've been reading you're story for a good time now , and must admit i am very impressed. If i am to be honest I dont think you should have left QPR for italy .Sorry.
  4. choosing a club

    whats there budget?
  5. a question about national sides

    dear dear:( your using a cracked patch mate , update to 10.3 and itll be handy dandy:D:D
  6. choosing a club

    HEY , well ive noticed im getting bored of football manager so i am hoping you(the public) could help me choose a club to manage , preferbaly with a good budget 10m/+ and in english ,scottish,or usa league. thanks
  7. Forgotten gem

    HEY , do you remember alex teixerica?? not sure if i spelt the second name right but he was dubbed new ronadhino and i think hes brilliant..anybody else think this??
  8. Fmrte

    i downloaded it and it wont even start><
  9. Fmrte

    Does fmrte work on a windows??
  10. hey everyone, im sorry if this is already a post i need allot of help! I was with liverpool and got in 97 million for torres from real madrid, liverpool board took all the money and i had no money to spend. Issued a ultamaium and got sacked fans wanted chairmans head , And ive taking over at aston villa. HOW DO I GET A SON??PLEASE REPLY!!