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  1. I'm not sure but i think you can only do long-term loans inside a transfer window.
  2. Kevin Nolan signed for 5 years so yeah, that's wrong..
  3. The problem on that video is having the goal keeper to take that free kick to begin with, who would kick it long near the corner flag leaving the goal completely exposed? It should default to a defender as a FK taker on that situation.
  4. No use at all, i'd like to see how much is needed to sacrifice to reach that point, that assuming the initial defensive attributes of the striker are high enough to make a difference, pretty much everything else is needed for a striker, unless it's a pure poacher then maybe you could sacrifice passing as well. But i've never actually tried that and you apparently have, so you should have a better idea of how powerful it can be.
  5. Hopefully the B teams improved a lot including the Portuguese ones introduced in the second tier this year.
  6. This is the first time i'm reading that the previous training system was cheating or an exploit and because of attribute weighting i thought it was impossible to make such drastic changes as the ones suggested in this thread because finishing,composure,etc are more "expensive" for a striker than tackling and marking so converting those points wouldn't make such a big difference. Anyway i actually think this system looks more realistic from what i could see from the video so i can understand why SI made this decision but to suggest that it's good that the previous system is gone because it was exploiting or cheating i just don't agree. Oh and the casual vs hardcore battle is typical from MMO's, never thought it would happen on FM too
  7. There are things more important to be taken care of but i think a little more depth in fitness and physio staff wouldn't hurt and could be interesting.
  8. I used to rest players after every match (or at least the ones that were more tired) but as llama said, it reduces their match fitness so i stopped doing that.
  9. Just a question, does any of that teams play a 442 diamond? I feel there's not enough information about that formation around since most people seem to play a 433 or a 4231 with inside forwards.. as most teams do in real life.
  10. If i'm understanding this right, you can actually plan a peak of form like teams do IRL ? I never thought the game had this depth. So you could like start the season slow with a lot of rotation to ensure the players are strong to finish it? Or push it really hard at the start to try to be safe(if you're a relegation battler for instance) even if your form decreases a lot on the second half of the season..
  11. Depends on the club i managing, generally i will always use them as a morale boost unless the finances are really bad.
  12. Also make sure you scout the Toulon Tournament, U-19 and U-21 European Championship, U-20 World Cup, South American and African Youth Championships as well, it's where i normally find the best youth prospects to sign.
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