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  1. I won 2 league titles, entered Champion League's semi-final in the 1st season and won it the 2nd season. Still, hazard, neymar and hulk are not willing to discuss a contract with me
  2. Great tactics! But I have a question to ask.If I want to move a striker to the AMC position,which striker should I move?
  3. I have a question Will you change anything during the match or will you just use the tactics until the end of a match?
  4. I've asked before. In the European Champion Cup,can the number of teams from england be increased? As I'm playing a world league located in england,I would like 16 teams from world league's division one and 8 teams from world league's division two to enter the european champion cup.
  5. I have one question. I am currently playing a world league made by others.However,this world league has a problem.This world league is located in England,so starting from the second year,the European Champion Cup begins to include only four teams in the world league's division one and many inferior teams from the leagues around the world. So,my question is,can I change the European Champion Cup to include more teams from England so that the Champion Cup will not become boring?
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