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  1. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Todd squared 32 is the new 22
  2. Like Michael Owen, you mean?
  3. If the other team was picked to get relegated but had a relatively good season, it could happen.
  4. Yes, instead of making a set piece taker list 30 players long, you should also have a do NOT take set piece list.
  5. Nope, never seen anyone grow any facial hair, maybe they aren't licensed...
  6. Interesting, I didn't know that.
  7. Anyone seen newgens change hair styles? I had a player with long flowing black locks, after selling him to Lyon, suddenly he's sporting short bleached blond hair. Another player I signed from Argentina suddenly went bald!
  8. Absolutely shambolic

    Do newgens automatically get HG status? If yes, then it seems like a data issue, the researcher didn't set the "days at club" properly.
  9. So it's basically your opinion against the researcher's. Not trying to slam you, I just thought maybe you knew how high he jumps, how much weight he lifts, how long he can run, etc.
  10. Best finishing move?

    Round the keeper, seems to reduce the number of 1v1-straight-at-keeper's-midriff type of shots.
  11. Rightly or wrongly, the current ME puts a lot of emphasis on speed. Without a total rewrite, I can't see it happening. P.S. on what evidence do you think Dan Murray's stats should be higher?
  12. FM->Preferences->Display & Sound->Display Mode
  13. With view only league you can't see match reports, and you can't manage in it.
  14. WinXP SP3, 3GB ram, quad core Q6600.
  15. I haven't had a crash since 11.3, I always play in windowed mode and I have all but 4-5 leagues loaded.