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  1. Do you put a GK on the bench?

    I never used to have a sub goalie, its cost me once and it was in a massive game. Man City V Man Utd in the Champions League Quarter final - I was 2-1 up after 60 minutes of the second leg and Hart got injured. Micah Richards stepped up and went in goal and I lost 5-3. Gutted! Now I always have a goalie on the bench in major cup competitions in the knockout stages but still don't bother in the league. The extra striker on the bench to give me another option if i'm chasing the game is far more useful than for the very rare situations where I need a sub goalie.
  2. I'm currently 5 1/2 seasons into a Network game with one other person. The game speed started off at 4 stars and we both have good internet connections. We have 1 nation loaded with the Prem down to BSP leagues and the game speed had little delay for the first couple of seasons, but it's gradually been slowing down. I'm guessing it's because of all the history built up during our game but is there any way to prevent the speed becoming worse to a point it's virtually unplayable or is it possible to get the game speed back to the original speed or will I just have to accept it will get slower as we go along? Thanks
  3. How many saves are you running?

    I've got a NG going and a game on my own, I play the NG whenever the other person is available for FM and the other when he's not and i'm bored.
  4. Accrington/ Sheffield United and Belarus, rejecting an approach from Ivory Coast after my failed World cup qualification campaign. So far so good for the Euro qualification though with 3 wins from 3, including a 2-1 over Italy.
  5. Couldn't agree more, and it's also the approach I take.
  6. Thanks for the reply again. Now off to take Accrington to the premier league.
  7. Actually, 1 more, If I download 10.3 and carry on my career I started with 10.2 will the 2 patches conflict? I've read that some people think it does and some don't, what's the general feeling about it? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the quick replies, although it's a bit disappointing you can't continue a game with 10.2 or only install up to 10.2 on steam.
  9. Just a few questions about the patches: 1) If I have a career started with 10.2, and then download 10.3 is it possible to continue that career with the 10.2 patch? 2) If I have patch 10.3, can I join a NG with someone who as 10.2 and doesn’t want to install patch 10.3? 3) Is it possible to just install to 10.2 when you run FM through steam? (This is for a different PC I want to use for FM, and get the achievements, etc and I don’t want steam on the current PC) 4) If the NG host has 10.3 installed and I just have 10.2, can I join that game? 5) If I download patch 10.3, can I start a game using 10.2 or is there no option and you have to use 10.3 once it’s installed? 6) Can I join a NG with someone who installed FM through steam, and I haven’t or do you both have to have installed FM via steam/ without it? These are for different scenarios that I am coming across, and just want it to be cleared up. Hope they all make sense and someone can answer them for me. Thanks.
  10. Cache Data - Long Term Saves

    Anyone know if this is this possible and if it causes problems?
  11. Fernando Torres????

    I spent 100m to get him. He was injured more often than not and was generally useless. I also paid £85m on Villa and £68m on Balotelli and they both did/ are doing a better job than he ever did, and they're 'cheap' too.... On a side note, I've smashed the £1 billion mark on spending so far this career with City. :$ Edit: And that isn't with Leicester City, unfortunately.
  12. Name your Nemesisis...Nemesi...erm, enemies...

    Jay Rodriguez from Burnley, im tempted just to sign him to stop it.
  13. game speed

    Does anyone know? I don't want to start a career then for it to be unplayable after a few hours of game time..
  14. Strange Loan Bug??

    I had that problem with Merida and Nordtveit (?) on 9.1, I released them and then approached to sign them back, they were interested and signed a few days later after rejecting a few offers and were 'unbugged' again. I can't remember if I needed to pay any compensation to release them or not though, for good prospects it's probably worth doing when they become bugged.
  15. game speed

    I won't bother with a new thread, but i'm trying to play a network game atm, with just English Leagues on down the first tier after BSN/S (Isthmian, and 2 other leagues in it) and there's about a 5 second delay for everything i do. Firstly, is there any way this can be reduced - would a better router help at all and if so by how much? Also, will this 5 second delay increase season by season, making it unplayable pretty quickly, with no chance of us being able to complete the race to the Premier League or even just the Football League altogether?