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  1. I signed a player on the January transfer deadline day and wasn't able to play him for the rest of the season due to him needing a work permit it's now July and im still not able to play him is there any way i can get a work permit for him
  2. Merry Xmas Steam Achievement

    could someone tell me how to do it by sending me a private message
  3. The Hatters

    Well done on promotion and good luck in League 1
  4. FM12: Luton Town Thread

    Well done on getting to the FA Cup 4th round and well done on only losing 2-0 to Q.P.R
  5. Local Boy hopes to do good.

    Well done on getting promoted
  6. Well done on getting promoted and good luck for next season.
  7. Ingredients for a long-term save

    In this year game I'm trying to take Portstewart from the Northern Irish 2nd division to become European champions
  8. FM12: Luton Town Thread

    I played a 4-2-3-1 and played him off the striker
  9. FM12: Luton Town Thread

    I see you got Claude Gnapka back and resigned enoch showunmi I'm also surprised that you sold JPK
  10. The Hatters

    Good luck with Luton i shall be following
  11. FM12: Luton Town Thread

    I only got Drury and Spillane because they were on a free and Fleetwood got top goalscorer in the BSP and League 2
  12. Local Boy hopes to do good.

    Good luck with Mansfield
  13. FM12: Luton Town Thread

    Just finished my 2nd season this is how ive done so far. 1st Season League Table Transfers 2nd Season League Table Transfers Squad The formation i play is a 4-2-3-1
  14. How did your first match go?

    A good 2-1 win over Stockport