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  1. I have to agree with this , clearly shots have been reduced to a level which is not relatable to real life football but I wouldn't say it is too far off being accurate, if I remember correctly PaulC did state that the levels of shots and attacking play had been affected by the changes which had been made to defensive behaviour , so the low shots statistics were always likely. I would also say that this minor issue should not detract from the overall improvement that this patch has brought to the match engine, I am sure that the low shot count is an issue which they are fully aware of and will most likely be addressed in a future patch. I would add that it must be a tough balancing act to get a sufficient shot count which satisfies all users, if they were to return to the pre patch shots count, I'd give it two days before people were complaing about constant 4-4 games or the fact that Southampton are romping away with the league.
  2. Found this one earlier , those who are looking for a high performance laptop for under £700 might be interested. However I think stock may be low. http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/toshiba-satellite-p855-307-15-6-laptop-silver-12520792-pdt.html
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