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  1. my best game using avd mod... so i hope can repeat it again
  2. im using Dan training ... but now i change to Tug's Training !
  3. off topic question .. y my star player had many attributes decrease ? such as robinho and criscito .. robinho his dribbling from 19 to 18 ... and many more technique...i do not understand what going on.. eventhough my coach all had 5 star on their trainig..
  4. i think the defense bit leaky .. anyway wat is the best winger in this tactic ? coz currently my winger got average rating of 6.9 to below..btw...my weak opponent can get at least 4 ccc...despite my defence is kjaer and cheillini...
  5. can u post the link of winger tactic pls ? coz im currently headache to find coz too many link
  6. dirtyace this is the result when using final unbeaten with ur tweak.. but dont u mind uploading ur tactic ?
  7. wow...now i will try lukaku at the centre... see how he perform !
  8. thx..btw wat is the statistic of your all three striker ?
  9. the unbeaten tactic u make the three striker passing up two notch but they still short passing ?
  10. dirty ace wat tactic u use for ? dave byrd tweak tactic ?
  11. im quiet satisfy with this tactic ... but almost all my game i only have 40 to below my ball possesion and the dominated the whole game and luckily i got a superb gk that save their chance....
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