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  1. i using furiousuk training schedule too but never see that much improvement in any of my player and im juventus btw
  2. Uploaded with ImageShack.us out of topic question wat is can share your training schedule ? seem torres improved alot
  3. can u upload your tactic coz im bad at creating tactic my lone striker always isolated .
  4. wat training setup did u use for him??
  5. its currently happen to juve irl , midfield score more than striker actually
  6. im wan to try this tactic !! did anyone tweaking this tactic that bring more success ?
  7. im using 4-3-1-2 ancelotti 15 , mourinho 10 and italy 10 and having a unbelieveable season for napoli !! hammering ac milan 5-1 and in semis for uefa cup and italian cup and a champion of serie a . i also didnt expect such of these result ! EDIT : i just cant find good training schedule at this moment , my player are averaging age at 24 so that i wan to train them nicely . hope u guys can help me coz im lazy to make training schedule !
  8. my best game using avd mod... so i hope can repeat it again
  9. im using Dan training ... but now i change to Tug's Training !
  10. off topic question .. y my star player had many attributes decrease ? such as robinho and criscito .. robinho his dribbling from 19 to 18 ... and many more technique...i do not understand what going on.. eventhough my coach all had 5 star on their trainig..
  11. why everyone having success with all these tactic while me always losing and eventhough i win only slim win..and the midfield is very difficult to move the ball as it too crowded..btw im juventus and no make any signing after buying ozil...
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