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  1. Potentially huge decision.

    Top advice. Home by 4pm, College work and tea takes you up to 7.30 - 8pm. Then you've got 3 to 4 hours to do whatever the hell you want. Also, plenty of time in between lectures on "free" periods to do work. As a kicker, most colleges have sports on wednesday afternoon, so don't try out for any teams, but instead spend your 'sports' time playing FM!
  2. I think it was 1986, on the Commadore 64. Firstly it was Soccer Supremo, quickly followed by Mexico 86. You selected your team by entering the players initials (Eg CW for Chris Waddle) thus meaning you couldn't have two players with the same initials in your team!! No Chris Woods in goal when Chris Waddle was in the side! And people complain about FM11!
  3. Complete Heartbreak.

    ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS back up your fm save onto some other device, drop box, a pen drive, an external hard drive. Got mine backed up in 3 different places!! Of course, I also learnt my lesson the hard way a few years back!
  4. I try to play a counter attacking style myself, with a deep line and a slow tempo, high timewasting setting to try and draw them out. Also, my attacking mid centre or my deep lying forward (or both) will have the roam from position option set to yes so they drift into space.
  5. I signed a guy in my game who was pretty decent but potentially excellent. For the first few games the assman said he was struggling to blend in, and his performances were around the 6.5 mark. Dropped him down to the bench for a few games, then when he came on as a sub once he lit the game up. Started him the game after and he's been on fire ever since. I noticed just after he went on fire that he was no longer listed as 'struggling to blend in.' I can only assume that once he blended in, his performances improved to reflect this. Of course, how long it takes them to blend in depends on many factors like adaptability.
  6. Our finishing is letting us down

    Try the below link. Its a little lengthy, but near the bottom he talks about what the assistant feedback means. (Eg Misplacing to many short passes means you need to increase your passing length etc) It worked for me. I'll be struggling, but a small adjustment to passing or tempo and all of a sudden I'm dominating. He doesn't talk about what 'our finishing is letting us down' means, but I was struggling with my finishing, but when I fine tuned my tactics with some of the below advice the goals started flooding in. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/115392-I-think-I-m-on-to-something-read-if-you-are-new-or-are-struggling-with-tactics
  7. What about his creative freedom. Try turning it right down.
  8. I don't think you can edit this. I wanted to get rid of all the international competitions and just have a World League, where international teams would be promoted and relegated yearly. I couldn't find a way of doing it. Maybe it effects the coefficients or some other important rating system to much to change it.
  9. The importance of tactics??

    Foggy I would suggest putting the game down for a few days and becoming a reader. Read some of the brilliant threads on here (by Sfraser and a like.) They generally talk common sense but also they clear up some things that you might not expect. For example, I had always thought that passing style worked like this. You played short passing if you wanted nice neat football, direct if you wanted to be long ball merchants and mixed for a bit of both. When you actually read into it, you realize that short passing just minimizes the options for the man on the ball, while direct maximizes the options. So where previously I'd have had my CB's on direct passing because I didn't want them trying intricate passing routines, I was getting this completely wrong. i needed them on short passing so that they would just give it to the nearest man and let them do the complicated things. Once I'd cracked these 'obvious' little things my teams improved greatly.
  10. This is classic. Absolutely brilliant. I always thought that if I won the lottery, i would start a journeyman game and then just go round living in the places I was managing for a while. What a great way to see the world!
  11. "but a rudimentary conversion is possible." This sort of thing would do me. I'd be happy to work out new tactics and training methods etc on the new game. What i'd essentially want to copy over is my squad (and obviously all the other squads in game) plus stuff like my managerial history, tropheys won etc. I had a great game going on FM2010 where i'd worked my way up from Aberystwyth in the Welsh Prem, to Standard Liege in Belgium. Then I read about new features in FM2011 that I just couldn't be without!! Really wanted to take the FM world me (and all the stats\tropheys I'd earned) with me!
  12. "How about the idea of just extracting the data from an old save to a new one? Same?" This is interesting as, like you say, you are only talking about exporting stats etc. i suppose the problem arises when a new category is added. How do you populate that in the new game. This would be a GREAT feature though. So many times I've either left a long term save that I was enjoying just because I got the new game, or even not bought the new game because I was still enjoying the old one.
  13. Small London Teams to Build Up?

    Chelsea are a small club from London!!
  14. Whilst I admire your commitment and would love to have the patience to do this myself, my main problem with this is that FIFA is utter dog turd!! They did this a few years ago on FIFA and FIFA Manager if anyone remembers. PS2 i think. You could manage your team on FIFA Manager, then on gameday click play game option, you input your FIFA disc and then actually played the game. Afterwards, it saved the result, you put your FIFA manager disk in and back to management. Very slow going though swapping discs all the time.
  15. Match Preperation Tip

    I see the theory behind this (Eg to improve fluidity in your tactic before the season,) but doesn't this completely go against the Title of the feature? What I mean is, the feature is called "Match Preparation," yet you are doing most match preparation when you have no matches (Pre Season) and least match preparation when you have lots of matches (During the Season) FM can be very confusing!! So far I've tended to keep my Match Prep quite high both pre and during season. Not got far enough into the game yet to see what my results are. my theory though is to prepare lots for games during the season, then in the off season decrease the match prep and concentrate on improving player stats etc.