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  1. Not only is Eric's contract way too high, he also needs a new accountant, no one in this country pays 90% tax on their income.
  2. Downloaded file, changed instructions around, played the game. Patted myself on the back for a tidy 2-0 win with 60% of the possession and 1 shot on target for the opposition. Then at the post match screen and remembered I was playing with Celta and not United. I guess I didn't make any subs or tactical changes, and spent the game cheering the opposition to a 2- win. *Takes bow*.
  3. Since the Football Manager Podcasts, I always imagined Miles looked like Marcus Brigstocke. I don't know why. I had to go back and watch the first 5 minutes of the video becasue I wasn't listening, just trying to get used to Miles' real appearance. I like the new features, have preordered and am looking forward to the beta.
  4. Was I imagining it, or did the mouse pointer used to vanish on the pitch view screen until you moved it? It just stays there now, so I have to move it to the side so it doesn't irritate me. Hardly game breaking, or even that much of an imposition, but reassure me that it used to happen.
  5. Been in the last couple FM's too. I've never seen an option to cancel one, just occasionally get to choose the destination.
  6. Howdy, I just started a new save with Brisbane Roar, with the start date, Brazil December 2012, as I like to play the Asian Champions league group stage fixtures in early 2013. In the last save I started, some months ago, just after the beta ended, I was able to organise a bunch of friendlies against local clubs to build up the players match fitness. This time, every single team I approached anywhere in the world for a friendly gave me the same response - Schedule too busy, even though none have fixtures set until mid 2013. I can understand European teams being set to not accept friendlies in january 2013, as january seems like a busy time football wise over there, but the Australian non a-league domestic competitions play over the Australian winter, and should have nothing better to do in January. I ended up playing my youth team every 4 days for 2 months. But I get through the group stage, and they all go on holiday, and the season starts as normal in October after the ACL knockout rounds. At the end of the A-league regular season, I get my non-declinable end of season team meeting, and they all go on holiday. 10 days before the as yet undrawn major semi final. I'm drawn into the finals, make the grand final, and during both matches, player conditions plummet - both games I didn't finish with an outfield player above %50 condition. So I assume behind the scenes something is ticked that although there is a fixture, they are on holiday. But it was the same for the other team so I sneak a lucky win. And afterwards they don't go back on holiday, my assistant, in charge of training, changes the focus to fitness-very high. The injury toll is rapidly rising, -there's no fixtures upcoming for 7 months, but they are in training every day kicking seven bells out of each other. 2014 world cup rolls around, and all the players conditions plummet through the tournament. In my last save, started some months ago, lost to a hard drive failure, I took different teams to 4 world cups. In the 4th of these, the player conditions plummeted like in my new save, I was Brazil in the quarter finals of the 2026 world cup and I had no outfield players with a condition above %60 percent to select. So, after all that, my question is, in the most recent patches, was there changes made to the way the game treats the off-season, specifically - whether players selected for international tournaments, (or other sundry mis scheduled club fixtures), which are not indicated as on holiday, do they still continue to train and maintain match fitness? They used to.
  7. Be easier to install a big red 'win' button on the tactic screen.
  8. When Chelsea had 30 or so shots against West Ham and it finished 0-0, I was half expecting Mourinho to screenshot it and come on here moaning.
  9. A-League doesn't finish early enough for the Afc's liking, so the qualifiers go into the champions league at the end of the following season, ie 11 months later. The Junior marquees are capped at a certain total, and I think there may be a potential or reputation requirement too, I can't remember off the top of my head.
  10. If you count laying on the ground and swearing a lot as playing on, then yes, I have played on after doing my hamstring.
  11. I think they learned English because they got sick of your ingame manager miming everything.
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