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  1. FM14 Cut-Out Faces Megapack Thread

    Can you please post the link you uploaded? I am in trouble downloading it and thanks in advance ye.
  2. A late one but still thanks a lot mate, appreciated it.
  3. I am quite interested in it especially the PAs, helps a lot in making my decision whether to use players like Cleverley or Evans.
  4. Around RM80!!Bargain:lol: Thanks Ackter,I save lots of money by purchasing through here because when a new game released in Malaysia it will usually cost around RM100-200 and you need wait long time for it especially this is a popular game.
  5. transfer update for fm2012?

    Dying to know whether there will be any 12.3 patch, making me reluctant to start a new save without knowing whether there will be one. Doesn't want to start a new save only for the patch to come out several days later and make a new save while having to deal with the transfers all over again.
  6. Anyone mind posting a screenshot of Messi's profile in the beginning of the 12.2 patch.
  7. Has been absolutely beast in front of goal for me.What a Monster! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. Your Tallest Regen?

    Peter Crouch
  9. Make sure you pay more attention to your balls if she has high Off The Ball attribute.
  10. Anyone think Cleverley would have changed the came had he started or came off the bench because coincidentally after he came on the bench we scored 3 against $hitty and all the glamorous result we got against Tottenham and Arsenal had Cleverley starting.
  11. $hitty just got the lead like they did in the latest Community Shield match and their fans were celebrating during the half time and what happened in the end? SAF will give us the answer like he did for the past 25 years so we just have to sit back and enjoy our club's football.
  12. Sir Alex Ferguson. Finished his transfer before July 1st and look at the success of his transfer strategy.
  13. Sorry to cause you inconvenience but thanks for your effort I can now plan for my Manchester United save earlier.
  14. Anyone mind posting any screenshot of Rooney, Cleverley, Young, De Gea, Jones, Smalling, Hernandez, Nani, Evans, Rafael, Fabio, Welbeck and Anderson all at the start of the game? Post any or if possible, all of their screenshots, sorry for the the amount of screenshots requested but I still haven't got the game and won't be for the next few days but have to start planning for my Manchester United save:lol:. I will try to find some from the Manchester United thread.
  15. Total Football: Tic-Tac Magick

    Can you try to tweak one with the attacking-minded midfielder playing as an AMC? Wants to start a Real Madrid save but I have players like Ozil, Kaka and Canales and I figured that retraining them to MC is not a good idea.