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  1. How to manage Saint Lucia?

    Yeah, I know. It doesn't seem as though there's enough players to manage them. Why is it that you're able to load players from teams in other smaller nations,such as Cook Islands, yet you can't with St Lucia?
  2. How to manage Saint Lucia?

    Really? That sucks. :/
  3. How to manage Saint Lucia?

    This is what I've found by searching for first and second nations... Nation: Phil Ifil (Kettering Town) Halim Krammer (Sportverein Aspern) Cowin Mathurin (Antigua Barracuda FC) Janoi Donacien (Aston Villa) Elijah Joseph (Willams Connection) Sheldon Emmanuel (Unattached) Earl Jean (San Juan Jabloteh Sports Club) Second Nation: Jerel Ifil (Kettering Town) Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) Anton Ferdinand (Queens Park Rangers) Michael Husbands (Unattached) Junior Stanislas (Burnley) Jay Emmanuel-Thomas (Ipswich Town) Nathan Paul (Unattached) Liam George (Unattached)
  4. How to manage Saint Lucia?

    It's fine, mate. I think I'll have to leave it because it doesn't seem possible, sadly. Thanks for all your help and advice, though.
  5. How to manage Saint Lucia?

    Thanks for your quick reply, mate. How do I do that then? I tried searching for all players who have St Lucia as their nation but it didn't bring up Janoi Donacien, which has confused me considering that his only nationality is St Lucian. Am I searching wrong? :confused: Edit: Sorry. I've just noticed that he is there. It says there's only seven available players. Surely there's more than that in the whole database?
  6. I've tried pretty much done everything to make them playable but I just haven't been able to. Does anyone know if it's possible? If so, what do I need to do? Maybe someone has done the same thing with another small nation? I'm pretty sure that there should be enough players available to be able to manage them but I'm just having a lot of trouble to make it work. I've customised the database to include players of St Lucian nationality, players based in St Lucia, current international players - the lot. It still doesn't work. The thing that puzzles me is the fact that there seems to be enough St Lucian players in the game. For example, Aston Villa have a young St Lucian defender called Janoi Donacien but he doesn't seem to be included in the St Lucia squad at all. How can I make these sort of players available? Even if it's not possible to use real players, is there a way of doing it with fake players? If anyone's wondering why I'm really keen to manage St Lucia then it's because my mum and dad got married there when I was little and it's a real nice place. I thought it would be a good idea to manage them because it's a very small nation and they haven't ever had much success. Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. I want to manage the Cyprus national football team but their unavailable when you load all the English leagues with a large database. I know that I could just make a custom database and include all players with a Cypriot nationality. However, if I do that then won't that create a biased database in the sense that I will have a wider number of players to choose from compared to other nations, thus giving me an unfair advantage? Is there a way that I can create a fairer database without loading players from every single nation, or is that my only option? The database would be huge though if I did do that. I was thinking about loading current international players from each nation because the database might be smaller but what happens when the current international players retire? Any ideas or advice as to what I should do? Thanks.
  8. My copy arrived in the post today after ordering it from ShopTo.net thanks to advice from dirtyprettymagpie. I got it for a decent price and the service was great! I'll be buying next year's copy from them as well probably!
  9. I'll have a look now, mate. Cheers. Edit: I've just pre-ordered with ShopTo.net. The price is reasonable at £24.85 and they guarantee that you receive it by the release date. If not, they'll credit your account with £3.00 as compensation. Seems pretty fair to me.
  10. I bought the game through Zavvi last year and I swore to myself that I wouldn't do it again because the service that I received was disappointing to say the least. I pre-ordered the game on Friday 29 October with the release date being a week later on Friday 5 November. However, they didn't despatch the game until Monday 8 November so I had to wait about a week after the release date before I received the game. It was for sale at £24.95 on Zavvi last year but I used a 10%-off discount code that another member found and informed everyone on a thread similar to this, so I ended up getting it for £22.45, which was the cheapest price I could find at the time. I really don't know where I'll be buying the game this year. I was thinking off Amazon because I buy stuff through them frequently but their delivery service can be fairly slow a lot of the time and it's probably possible to get the game for cheaper than £27.99. Zavvi are selling it for £25.85 this year and I'm tempted to go with them if I can find another discount code but what happened last year is still fresh in my mind but it might be worth waiting a week if I can get it for £5-£10 cheaper than anywhere else. Saying that, I've found it on Blockbuster for £24.99 and that looks pretty reasonable. I don't know what their service is like but I might give them a go. They also say on their website that they will deliver it free by Friday 21 October, so it might be possible to receive it on the day of release, which would be great. The only other option is to buy it through Steam but, even though I really like Steam and never had any problems with them, I do want a boxed version as I have every other copy of the game and I might as well continue the collection.
  11. I started unemployed and applied for every job going. I was offered the manager's job at Saturn Ramenskoye in the Russian Premier Division and I accepted. They actually went out of business in real life and they have no senior players in the game when you take over so I essentially have to build a squad from scratch. They have a wage budget of £36k so at least I have something to work with, even if I can't sign players with the quality needed to compete at this level. For example, I can still sign 18 players on a weekly wage of £2k. However, because I can only sign free agents, I find it impossible to get English players to even consider a contract. No matter what level they are playing at, they just will not negotiate at all. I don't know why because the club has a reputation of 3000 (equivalent to a mid-table League Two team) and the league has a reputation of 145, so you think that they'd be willing to play at such a level? Why do you think this is and is there a way that I can lure them to the club somehow?
  12. Loan Clauses - Agreed price of £500k?

    Okay, thanks. Yeah, I completely understand now. Luckily I have a transfer budget on £4m so that will be able to cover the transfer fee should I decide to sign him.
  13. Help me to sell player at right price

    Firstly, why would you want to sell Wesley Sneijder. Secondly, if no one wants to pay the £30m asking price then there's not much you can do than either accept the offers of £19m or to keep him, which reflects real life really during the tough economic climate with clubs reluctant to pay ridiculous amounts of money for players. I might be wrong but I heard somewhere that this has been implemented into the game now to reflect the state of transfers in football.
  14. I've decided to start a career with Blackpool and I was starting to sort my squad out before I came across something that I've always been a bit unsure of. Basically, Luke Varney is currently on loan and under loan clauses, it says that there is an agreed price of £500k. I've seen it in the game before but I've never been 100% sure what it means. Does it mean: A. A transfer has already been agreed between both clubs and Luke Varney will join Blackpool permanently at the end of the season B. I will have an option of either accepting or declining to sign Luke Varney permanently for £500k at the end of the season C. Blackpool have paid Derby a fee of £500k to loan Luke Varney for the season
  15. I've just pre-ordered my copy with Zavvi using the 10% off discount for £22.45 which I think is very reasonable. It's cheaper than most (if not all) of the other alternatives posted on here and I'm dealing with a recognisded company so I'm pretty happy. I've never dealt with Zavvi before, nor have I pre-ordered the game before so we shall see what happens.