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  1. I'll look into those, I've not really had much time to test it so there's a few bits I've missed
  2. The skin is back, still need to make a few cosmetic tweaks but all of the functionality should be there http://forum.fm-view.net/files/view/86-fmc-for-fm-2014
  3. Yep, available here http://forum.fm-view.net/files/view/66-fm-2014-instant-result-skin
  4. You could try looking in the attribute panels, I had a similar problem with those and eventually did it, but not perfectly, still something I want to fix properly...
  5. That I can't remember how to do
  6. No dark skin, I skin for myself and I don't want really want one, too much effort
  7. That depends on your screen resolution Might be worth checking out the Netbook2013 skins http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/346367-Released-Netbook2013-Skins
  8. Updated the skin to 1.70 at last, still a few little bugs around but I wanted to release a version with the working match buttons, will likely be a 1.71 version with some bugfixes eventually Big thanks to doc.bt for fixing a lot of the problems http://forum.fm-view.net/topic/15507-fmc-skin-for-fm13-updated/
  9. This, plus I'd never sell my work anyway As it is I have enough trouble with people posting & sharing my work without permission and occasionally even someone changing the name and claiming it's all their own work. Add in a widely used graphic store and you'll only get people stealing work and then selling it for profit, likely putting off a lot of graphic makers from releasing any work
  10. It's an FM12 skin, it won't work in FM13...
  11. I am indeed, didn't think to check if my megapack had that logo in first though, doh
  12. It's probably actually easier to do it another way Add the new logo to the folder with your existing logos (name it whatever the club unique ID is) Just paste this part in with all the others in config.xml (open with Notepad) <record from="YOURCLUBNUMBERHERE" to="graphics/pictures/club/YOURCLUBNUMBERHERE/logo"/> If you like I can do it all for you and send over the files though
  13. So you want to go back to the default game logos yes? Try clearing the cache in the preferences
  14. Alright cheers, I'll see what I can do about it
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