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  1. I think I'm within the rules for now, but not sure if I'll remain so. I've been fairly lax at screenshotting and also I forgot to disable the editor before starting the game so a little reluctant to post even though I haven't used it. We'll see. Some things you guys might not have picked up on, Sutter and Schürpf make very very nice strikers, and that's very useful from the 2nd season on. (Unless Sutter throws a wobbly and whines his way into a move)
  2. Just finished 2nd in the league (just 3 points behind annoying Basel) and Young Boys in 3rd place got the CL spot, so no. Also on the rules page for the Liechtenstein Cup it says winner gets a CL spot which is obviously false. Somebody asked what happens if the U21 side wins the cup, and at least in previous versions the main side then got to play EC. Probably still like that.
  3. Cherry Orchard - Irish first division - Season Report 2012 5th in the league, 5 points off winners Mervue Utd. I'm pretty sure we'd have won it if striker Robbie Murray hadn't been sidelined for 2 months with a torn groin muscle. We dropped from 2nd and gaining to 7th and dropping while he was gone, then returned to 5th when he came back for the last five games. I had a large squad for this season which was good, 50-ish games is demanding in many ways. 13K in prize money, 25K in player bonuses. Oh well... Cups: Out in the first round of the league cup. Quarter finals of the Challenge cup, beating Dundalk on the way there. Above expectations. Youth: Second in the league which is very very good. The youth squad has some talent and quite a few of them got senior appearances throughout the season. Key players Alan Cawley - AMC®, Vital as the support man, First Division player of the year and 28 assists with a 7.40 avg says it all. The former Leeds trainee will be vital next year even if he's aging a bit. His set pieces alone earn him a place in the side.. Robbie Murray - FC, started as a support striker but moved up front when none of the other strikers worked out. 19 goals in 28 is decent enough and miles better than anyone else. When he's not playing, we struggle to score. Keith McLoughlin - DR, Captain and Grim Reaper. 6.70 tackles pr game and NINETEEN yellow cards (but no reds) Daragh McNamara - AML© - 22 yo signed from Drogheda on a free and started the season on the bench. Fought his way into the first eleven with some huge performances, but tend to disappear in some games. Next Season is promotion or bust. We're leaking money to the tune of 20K a month, wage budget is lower for 2013 and I just can't take a third year playing Salthill four times a season. Looking forward to trying out some of the new youth players, especially local lad Jim Sheridan who looks like something special, and might be the answer when Robbie Murray goes away injured again. I've also picked up some Czech U19s (took them on trial first) that looked good when given the chance at the end of the season. PS! Screenshots might or might not show up sometime depending on whether they feel like uploading.
  4. Slowly working towards the end of the season with Cherry Orchard, and my promotion hopes are hanging by a thread. 10 games to go and I'm 6th, 10 points off leaders Cork and 9 off Limerick in 2nd place (with a game in hand.) Not impossible, but unlikely the way the team is playing. Losing to Swilly Rovers and Bangor Celtic isn't promotion quality. Looking forward to the Challenge Cup QF though, beat Premier League Dundalk in the third round to much applause. I'm also being touted as the next manager of St. Pats and Shamrock Rovers. Unlikely. Had my first youth candidate update, nice addition to the game. The AM wanted to sign all 15 or so players to youth contracts, but I think its best to cut some immediately. I don't need four new 1-star midfielders.
  5. I'd like to thank the one guy who's started to sit in the away supporters section when we're on the road. It means a lot. Oh, and Ireland made the Euro2012 final, losing 2-0 to Spain.
  6. Cherry Orchard - Irish First Division 2012 - Half-year summary I'd forgotten how long the Irish season lasts. 48 games means playing the same team four times plus a couple cups. This means I'm still only up to july of my first season. The good news are things are going great. From 9th in the league late april I've now moved my team into 2nd place and within range of leaders Cork City. It was a narrow loss to Cork in april that sparked the turnaround as I decided to change the player roles of my forwards. Switching from wingers to inside forwards and playing my lone striker as a complete forward (even though he doesn't really have the attributes for it) worked wonders and I've gone 14:12-0-2 since then. Still leaking a few too many goals but I prefer a 6-2 to a 0-1 every day. Just beaten leaders Cork 3-0 away and really looking forward to the final half of the year. Key players so far(all free transfers this spring) Cawley - Support man has made 16 assists in 19 starts and never plays a bad game. Equally successful behind the striker or on the right wing. Murray - Main striker started the season in Cawley's role but moved forward after my first choice striker refused to score. Looks better here. Gallagher - Brought in to be backup on the right wing, but has been a key player so far. McLoughlin Right back who is the only consistent player in the back five. Also captain and regular in the ref's book.
  7. A month or so into the season and I've signed way too many players, as usual. Doing more or less as well as expected, 9th/13 in the league and through to the first round of the league cup. My 4-2-3-1 might be slightly ambitious for this level, but I'll give it a couple more weeks to settle.
  8. I think I failed at this a few years back with Killyleagh in N.I. while having some fun, so why not give it another go... After considering Hungary and Iceland I ended up returning to the emerald isle although a bit further south. I had four teams to choose from and went with the coolest name, Cherry Orchard on the outskirts of Dublin. They play at The Lawns in Ballyfernot, and if this picture is anything to go by, it's going to be my kind of football. Profile Information Team Probably will be slow going but hopefully I can stick with it long enough to get somewhere. AssMan claims we have a number of five-star players. I doubt it. Off to find better.
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