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  1. How do those in the UK who can't make it to the cinema watch it?
  2. FM14 Possible Wonderkids

    We don't go out of our way to make somebody a wonderkid, they are given a CA, PA and reputation if the game code makes that equal a wonderkid then so be it.
  3. FM13 Rate My Regen Thread

    Cheers, had a look around in there for that and missed it somehow!
  4. FM13 Rate My Regen Thread

    Where are people getting these more realistic looking newgens with shoulders from?
  5. where is Stiliyan Petrov?

    This should be in the Data Issues Forum (where it was already raised and answered) but the guys above are correct, this is the policy that SI follow, rightly so.
  6. Admittedly that does look a bit odd, but the game does throw up the odd crazy season. If you were to run full seasons over and over, on most occasions teams would end up about where they should be.
  7. It wouldn't work like that. To have 20s (or high numbers) in key areas the players CA would have to be reasonably high. Easiest way to look at is that CA is unimportant if a player has attributes which you want and he performs to the level you require, people get hung up on CA when they should just worry about how a player performs. In terms of the match engine, it is the attributes that make the player the CA is not used as such.
  8. Players in FM12

    Most of your comments in this thread are inaccurate and mis informed. If you have comments to make they should be in the Villa thread in Data Issues. Oh and Gabby's strike rate being 1 in 2?
  9. Pace is the players top speed, acceleration is how quickly he reaches his top speed.
  10. Ronaldo (The Goofy One)

    Not even close. It is embarassing seeing people call him "Fat Ronaldo" etc but I expect that is largely kids who don't know any better, surely if there is any confusion it can be clarified by calling the other one Cristiano Ronaldo, or is that too simple?
  11. The Never Quite Made Its

    Serge Makofo
  12. If the attributes and the CA don't fit, the game will make the alteration.
  13. The weightings take care of that balance so in theory a player should be accurate in terms of how high his attributes can be in various areas depending on his CA. It may not work correctly for every single player in the db but it should provide an accurate balance for the vast majority.
  14. You can have a lower league/young player who is very quick, but it stands to reason that his other attributes will be weak, otherwise he wouldn't be a lower league/young player he'd be a first teamer at a better club. It stands to reason that if you have both the physical tools along with the technical tools (in the correct areas) you'll be an effective footballer. If all of the attributes are filled in then this can be controlled to ensure a players pace etc is correctly modelled in the game, provided you accept that he isn't going to be as proficent in other areas.