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  1. Squad numbers...AGAIN!

    You can alter numbers at the start of the season, there should be a news item. You can only assign new numbers to new players after that as far as i know.
  2. manage two teams

    Ive done this only once before in a previous FM, i managed my feeder team in scotland while having my main save in england. I had unlimited loans to scotland so all my young players got games. i holidayed the feeder manager though.
  3. i wonder if its an intentional change or just one of these knock on effects when something else was fixed.
  4. Is that not the correct name, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia? EDIT; actually just noticed you are from FYROM/Macedonia
  5. Only noticed this after the patch btw
  6. Maybe its just my save but when i scroll thru clubs on a unloaded nation it does not scroll thru as if its scrolling thru the top division any more but all clubs in that nation, even the B teams. for instance it would usually be in hungary; ferencvaros => gyor => honved => etc but now its ferencvaros => ferencvaros ll => gyor => gyor ll => "lower league team" => honved => honved ll Just annoying when i want to check thru the newgens on the top clubs.
  7. I cant see Miles commenting on this but in the context of them having a pretty much wasted trip to Birmingham , they weren't obliged to do the podcast (as said on it) but they still did it. If you think about it, they had planned to be taking questions for the whole podcast in Birmingham live, when that was shelved, they decided to do it on the train, I'm assuming they just went with whatever came into their minds.. twitter questions, patch and pancakes. Now ill agree it wasn't a great podcast by any means but i did find the part when the girl wanted to go to Paris (repeatedly) amusing. As for the "fawning" i just seen it as having a bit of banter on the way home.
  8. Well considering they bothered do to the podcast after travelling to Birmingham only to get a bad turnout, i wouldn't begrudge them having a snack as they travel home. While Miles's humor can be hit and miss on the podcasts, i dont mind his lame puns I have listened to FM podcasts on a fan site before and when the material is FM only, it can be god awfell boring. I like the format of the current podcasts, i have learned more about SI's involvements within the wider football community, charity-work, anti-racism stance and grass roots development where i wouldn't have otherwise. No need for the jibes in your rant though, lighten up richtea, it's only a game!
  9. I had a son (Richard ) on FM10... although he wanted to play for england not Ireland so i was never really fond of him. In regards to what you have said, I've a feeling that a lot of the son info might just be assumed to be correct, i wonder if anyone from SI could clarify. My Son in Fm10 was born in Northampton even though i was only managing there for about 8 seasons when he arrived in my youth set up. I was in his fave personnel but he wasn't in mine (like your situation). I cant see it being a coincidence as i was Irish, he was Irish/English, plus my surname isn't that common.
  10. Italian football basics

    Useful post
  11. renaming your regens?

    I had a Spanish regen on fm10, his name was Sergio Goncalves Hernandez or something like that, so i just renamed him Sergio.
  12. Am I the only one?

    Im the same, really enjoying my current save, not noticing any bugs.
  13. Andy Morrison

    Well if the Seychelles F.A. actually hired him its not a far stretch for FM to think it was correct at the time i guess.
  14. Andy Morrison

    I've seen it on fourfourtwo as well but i never thought to check what was on FM