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  1. [FM12] Paris Saint-Germain FC

    Coach report says that's where he operates best.
  2. [FM12] Paris Saint-Germain FC

    @MrSundlofer This is how I intend to use Hamsik, fits into the team well. I was thinking about dropping Nene to the bench to play Hamsik in his position and have two defensive midfielders but I decided not to because Nene was voted player of the season so dropped Bodmer instead and just have the one defensive mid.
  3. [FM12] Paris Saint-Germain FC

    Finished Season 1 in 1st place Sold a few players and brought Hamsik (Cost a wopping £26m) and Pedro & Callejon on loan till the end of the season. Hoping to not just win the league this season.
  4. [FM12] Paris Saint-Germain FC

    Has anyone tried Carlos Tevez? Man City obviously don't wan't to keep him and I enquired about him and they only wanted £12m although wages seem to be pretty high.
  5. Can you still manage club & country like last year?
  6. [FM12] Paris Saint-Germain FC

    Things haven't started well and 11 games into the season and I'm already on the verge of getting sacked. Sitting in 6th place with 5 wins, 2, draws and 4 losses. I can't seem to beat the teams I should be yet I beat leaders Lyon 3-0.
  7. [FM12] Paris Saint-Germain FC

    Thanks. Signed both him and M'Bengue. As Silva is younger i'll try send him out on loan for some first team experience
  8. [FM12] Paris Saint-Germain FC

    Yeah, just scouted him and was regarded as a quality player. Just scouting around see who I can find.
  9. [FM12] Paris Saint-Germain FC

    Just started with PSG and straight away went for Aly Cissokho. On the OP is says he should cost 10m+, I offered 12m and they get back to me with this... I can't even afford that!
  10. Just finished my first season with Stoke and a good one it was finishing 8th, shame about the goal difference though. It ended with a thriller at champions Man City. Had poor cup runs though, In the FA Cup went out in the 4th round to Villa 1-0 and in the Carling Cup also 4th round getting thrashed at home by semi finalists Leicester 4-0. In the Europa league, I sailed through the group stages unbeaten before being drawn against Valencia in the first knockout round and went out 4-1 on agg.
  11. I had a good start with Stoke, unbeaten after 6 games I think. Now we've started to lose and draw games. I've had a lot of injuries which doesn't help, a few key players were out for 3 months. I can't seem to get the most out of Crouch either, 4 goals in 18 games.
  12. I signed Scott Brown from Celtic, and Christian Eriksen on loan from Ajax so I play 4-4-1-1 as his main position is AMC. As for match preperation, I haven't really used it. I just let my assistant handle it.
  13. What formation do you guys play? I just can't seem to win any games and always end of getting sacked just after the jan window. I think i've started 3 times and the same thing happens.