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  1. South Sudan

    Sure, they played their first international in July. I can't think of any reason why they wouldn't be included in the game.
  2. Cameroonian GK – Touted as the next Guy Roland Ndy Assembe
  3. In your fixtures (F10) highlight the fixture and click 'cancel friendly.' Might be greyed out so close to the match though.
  4. Pro Vercelli, returning to the Serie B after 64 years.
  5. Problem with Lille

    Ultra-thin squad. 5-6 signings wouldn't be amiss, even if they're raw youngsters or just dependable squad players.
  6. I'd go for Leverkusen aka. Neverkusen. Never won the Bundesliga, almost always the perennial runner-up, you'll be even more of a legend if you win the CL/League etc. there.
  7. Yes and yes. The eligible pool of players will be smaller, although with a massive footballing nation such as Brazil that shouldn't be any problem whatsoever.
  8. MLS Save Help

    I think I got Shea Allen through a weighted lottery, one of my best Americans. Not won one since. Wiki says:
  9. Called the French Youth Invitational or something like that as standard.
  10. MLS Save Help

    Cheers Well, LB is a constant problem area (coincidentally for the USMNT as well) and I've gone through several left-footed right wingers to play as inside forwards who are a lot more tricky to find than on the other side. Managing in the MLS is a constant balancing act with trying to have as much quality and depth in the squad as possible on as low wages as possible on as long deals as possible.
  11. 2D with 3D replays is my jam. Unparalleled overview.
  12. oh cries of epithets, why?

    Well now that was just a lovely little outburst of rancour. Yeah that's an annoying tendency in FM, even though it happens (less frequently in my opinion) in real life as well.
  13. MLS Save Help

    Of course not, altered slightly from semifinal to final, but here's the semifinal team (4-2-3-1). Newgens are screenshotted. Four changes for the final: Richard Fernández for Clark, Keith Burns for Kamga, Fredy Montero for Allen and Steve Johnson for Sanogo. Think that's permitted re: player naming, no?
  14. On any of the 0 km's of coastline that landlocked Luxembourg has.