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  1. beaten by my own injuries!
  2. 7 weeks out and only 3 goals behind, sorry btah i think im gonna walk this!
  3. surely should be snapped up by someone better than aberdeen now! Don't know if thats a good or bad thing though! P.S. I did warn you aidan!
  4. 2nd top scorer out of the lot, happy with that! Just hope I can keep it up when I inevitably get transferred out of the Scottish league in the summer!
  5. These scottish lads can't cope with my pace! You don't have a chance!
  6. Name: Dave Williamson Nickname: D.O.B 21/08/88 Nationality (2nd Optional):English Foot: Right Height:170 Weight:75 3 Attributes to be set at 20: Acceleration, Composure, Off the Ball
  7. Top 34 - Game Thread

    the next Tiago? oh dear! Hope fully they mean the early days Tiago!
  8. The Top 34 - Sign-up Thread

    Name: Dave Williamson Day/Month of Birth (all born in 1995): 21/08 1 Personal Attribute at 20: Adaptability Left/Right foot: Left Position: AMR 2nd Position (if not GK): ST 2 Mental Attributes at 12: Composure, Off the Ball 1 Physical Attribute at 14: Balance 2 Techinical Attributes at 12 (if not GK): First Touch, Technique 2 Preffered Moves (if not GK): Cuts inside, Places shots
  9. Suprised to have started all the matches when nevilles apparently the better player! Where are my free kick goals?
  10. Out of the Ashes [SIGNUP]

    Name: Dave Williamson DOB: 21/08/88 Nation: England Height: 177 Weight: 75kg Left/Right foot: R Position: DR 2nd Position (only outfield): DL 1x Physical Stat at 20: Pace 1x Mental Stat at 20: Work Rate 2x Physical stat at 18: Natural Fitness, Stamina 2x Mental Stat at 18: Determination, Off the ball 2x Technical Stat at 18: Free kick Taking, Tackling Pick 2 Player Personalities(ambitious or loyal for example): Determined Adaptability PPMs(if any): Gets forward whenever possible, hugs line, curls ball
  11. Nice! not sure about Chelsea though!
  12. Name: Dave Williams DOB: August 21st Nation: England Height: 175cm Weight: 75kg Left/Right foot: right Position: AMC 1 Technical Att: Technique 1 Physical Att: Agility 1 Mental Att: Off the ball Pick 2 Player Personalities(Ambitious for example): Ambitious, Adaptability