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  1. Box to BOX mIDFIELDER, Poacher, limited defender, etc.. All roles which Tactical Creator never uses(it only uses "generic" roles like: Central Defender, Central Midfielder, Deep Lying Striker, etc.)
  2. I actualy agree with wwfan. Less creativity freedom your players are using - it mean's that they'll follow your tactical instructions(Team and Player instructions like; width, passing, foward runs, etc.). So it is logical if you are not the best tactician to use more fluid system.
  3. kurach

    Nuu Skin

    excellent! Thanks
  4. I would like to see more general guide, like wich passing is best with width/narrow width, when to use press of more, and stand of more closing down, and some "stuff" like this. Also, what I don't like is that, often there is sentence "Experiment to see what is the best". Maybe I am wrong, but...
  5. Good job, no doubt. But I think the last TT ('09) had a much better explanation and were more useful. Maybe it is because of new creator.
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